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Bunnydrums - PKD/SimulacraBunnydrums
Category: Post-Punk / Gothic / New Wave
Album: PKD
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: Rerelease from a sadly little-known post-punk band.



On this reissue of a vinyl release from 1983, Bunnydrums, a product of Philadelphia’s post-punk scene, could finally get recognition for their early new wave/gothic sound. Throughout PKD, the mix of electro, industrial, and dark synths with David Goerk’s undeniably punk vocals (he evokes Richard Hell and The Buzzcocks’ Pete Shelley) creates a trip back to the post-punk era and still sounds new.

It all starts off with “Smithson,” an excellent encapsulation of Bunnydrums’ unique sound. A new wave electronic beat mixes with trombones (it sounds odd, but it works), while a piercing guitar and Goerk’s vocals offset the light rhythm. “Other Room,” with its bright new wave vibe and fuzzy guitars to create a new, sludgier sound, evokes The Cramps. The darker, gothic atmosphere of “Magazine” is given an edge by the piercing guitar and an intriguingly off-key melody.

As with all pioneers, the experiment doesn’t always work. A few tracks, like “Sleeping” and “Stop,” have dragging spots where the rhythm repeats on end. “Too Much Time” drags over several slow minutes with no change in tone or melody, and the vocals and rhythm never quite mesh. However, this is fixed on the remix of “Too Much Time,” featuring clashing drums, a stronger vocal, and a clearer overall sound.

Bunnydrums never achieved the renown of other ‘80s post-punk acts, but on this rerelease, their innovations, such as mixing new wave with industrial beats while keeping the immediacy of punk through the vocals and guitars, will hopefully be brought to the attention of alternative music fans.

Track list:

  1. Smithson
  2. Magazine
  3. Crawl
  4. Shiver
  5. Sleeping
  6. Other Room
  7. Ugh
  8. Stop
  9. Too Much Time
  10. Too Much Time (Remix)

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