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Brüderschaft - ReturnBrüderschaft
Category: Futurepop
Album: Return
Stars: 4
Blurb: This charity supergroup returns with another album that is destined to become the soundtrack to your nightlife for the foreseeable future.


Imagine you are getting ready to go out for the evening; you are listening to the hot CD that is playing at all the clubs. During your ride to the club, you keep the party going with that same album. Finally, you get to the club and soon after you walk in the door, the big song that everyone knows comes on. Just like the first album, Forever, which was released a decade ago, Brüderschaft’s Return is destined to be pumping through the speakers at every club and festival for the foreseeable future.

The album begins with some pads and trance bombs and you start to think that “Trigger” is an ambient intro track. As soon as the kick and arpeggio begin, however, you know that this is really a grade A club banger; seconds later, you are already nodding your head and itching to hit the dance floor. This track has so much going for it that it really takes repeated listens to thoroughly enjoy it. The production is the kind that young producers aspire to. The harmonies are colorful without being excessive, and the percussion is what you would expect from a club track yet still sounds fresh. If every track on the album was only half as good as “Trigger,” this would still be a great album, but when “Return” begins with its masculine melody, undeniable groove, and the magnificent vocals of Tom Shear, you know that this is an instant classic. Still high from the last track and wondering if you have peaked, you find that your journey has just begun when you hear the energetic opening of “Dead Tomorrow.” This song brings to mind the cold atmosphere of Covenant’s “Call the Ships to Port,” and like much of the album, there is not a flaw to be found. “Goodbye” is interesting in that there are two versions of it on the standard edition of the album. They both have a fun melody and synths, but the production is different and they are sung by different vocalists, and although in a similar idiom, P.O. Svensson of Colony 5 sings the second version a bit more dramatically. “The Things that Dreams are Made Of” is a Human League cover and Brüderschaft gives this classic a thoroughly modern feel. “Falling” is a sexy work of art full of the sort of melodies that flow through your body and out of your appendages, while “6AM” conjures a dark atmosphere and does not offend the ear, but is arguably the least remarkable track on the album. Return closes with “Forever 2013,” which, except for cleaning the production up and swapping Ronan Harris for Tom Shear, has been kept the same. This song is like a futurepop freight train, coming at you at 200 miles per hour, leaving you to either hop on or get out of the way – most people hop on.

This is the kind of album that becomes a soundtrack to your life. The younger generation will hear this and it will inspire them to try their hand at making music. 10 years from now you, will listen to this album and remember all the fun you and your friends had in 2013 and 2014. On top of all that, all net profits of the sales of this album go to cancer research, so you can really feel good about buying this great album.
Track list:

  1. Trigger (feat. Clint Carney)
  2. Return (feat. Tom Shear)
  3. Dead Tomorrow (feat. Daniel Graves)
  4. Goodbye (feat. Jared Lambert)
  5. The Things that Dreams are Made Of (feat. Andylab)
  6. Falling (feat. Daniel Myer)
  7. 6AM (feat. Stefan Netschio)
  8. Goodbye (feat. P.O. Svensson)
  9. Forever 2013 (feat. Tom Shear)
  10. Return (Imperative Reaction Remix)
  11. Dead Tomorrow (V1RTUAL D3SCENT Remix)
  12. 6AM (Noise Suppression Mix by R010R)
  13. Return (Mesh Mix)
  14. Goodbye (Frontal Boundary Remix)
  15. Falling (Hopeless Mix by Armor)
  16. Trigger (Edge of Dawn Mix)
  17. Return (Cephalgy Remix)
  18. Falling (Enter and Fall Remix)
  19. Goodbye (Aesthetic Perfection Mix)
  20. Forever (Head-Less Mix)
  21. Return (Funker Vogt Remix)

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