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Bright Light Bright Light - I Wish We Were Leaving EPBright Light Bright Light
Category: Electro-pop
Album: I Wish We Were Leaving EP
Stars: 3
Blurb: While we wait for the new album from Rod Thomas (the name behind Bright Light Bright Light), we have this teaser EP to give us a taste of what that new album could sound like.


Whether or not you want to admit it, the ‘80s are catchy, and Rod Thomas is known for his haunting harmonies, sober vocals, and evoking the optimistic vibe of the ‘80s. The five track EP features three songs, two remixes, and a collaboration with the legendary Elton John on the album titled track, “I Wish We Were Leaving.”

The title track was certainly chosen as the opener for good reason; it resembles exactly what ‘80s pop music was all about – slightly sad, but also encouraging lyrics sung to an upbeat instrumental giving a sense of hope. Elton John insists on comforting you with his smooth voice, and paired with lyrics like “One day you’ll make somebody happy, but it won’t be me,” this entire song will make you feel warm and fluffy, even if you’re thinking about your ex the entire time.

The second and third tracks, “Matters” and “She Carves Her Desire” have an overall feel-good mission statement. They both have graceful melodies and upbeat synths that help give the almost sad lyrics a perfectly paired sense of courage. It’s as if Rod Thomas is trying to tell you, “It is okay, you’ll get through this. Smile, be happy!” Regarding the two remixes by DJ Nita and Severino for the title track, although each remix is produced impressively and has a drastic difference – Severino’s sounding more disco and DJ Nita’s being more upbeat, fast paced, and club material – they do not stand up to the original.

Rod Thomas teased his fans incredibly by releasing this EP because of its overall amazing quality and of course the support of Elton John. He uses this teaser to remind us all that he is a very strong singer/songwriter/producer, and of course, leaving us to wonder what the new album, Life is Easy, is going to sound like.
Track list:

  1. I Wish We Were Leaving (ft. Elton John)
  2. Matters
  3. She Carves Her Desire
  4. I Wish We Were Leaving (Serevino Mix)
  5. I Wish We Were Leaving (DJ Nita Mix)

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