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Bounte - The Desolation TestBounte
Category: Electro-pop
Album: The Desolation Test
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: Five tracks of upbeat and pleasant electronica, infusing elements of jazz, hip-hop, classical, and pop with delightful results.


Since Bounte’s debut in 2007, Chicago producer Dean Dunakin has been pushing the project to its utmost limits of stylistic hybridization. Never content to stick to one style, Bounte’s music incorporates a veritable cornucopia of musical styles, all within a singularly electronic framework. Varying elements of electronic and jazz music come together with distinctly pop hooks, as is the case on this latest EP, The Desolation Test. From the first swells of bass and light jazzy drums on “Know: Your Love isn’t Evil,” layers of electronic tweaks and chorale pads give way to a smooth crooning vocal that seems culled right out of the best of ‘80s pop. Then the pace picks up with a funky electro bass line and some crystalline synths on “Edge of the Earth.” Adding repeating chorus vocal simply too catchy to not sing along with, the song peaks with a bouncy trumpet solo for a nicely diversified flavor. “Primitive Suffering” brings back the funky bass and electronics, while the chorus adds a pleasant amount of rocking grit and a solo of sampled vocal manipulations, reminding this writer of the music of Eric Serra’s RXRA album. With its sights set firmly on the dance floor, “Two Moments” races by with an infectious beat and a skittering arrangement of vocal and electronic glitches, while “Those Moves” ends the album on a playful note with yet another chorus perhaps too catchy for comfort, a warbling bass line and swinging beat that are simply delightful, and given a bit of a hip-hop flair with the fast-paced verses and scratch solo. The Desolation Test is not nearly as melancholy as its title would suggest, instead offering five tracks of upbeat and varied electronica that is sure to appeal to a wide range. Dunakin may not be breaking new ground with Bounte, seeming content to simply excel at his skills as a producer and a musician who can infuse a number of styles into a cohesive and ultimately pleasant whole. This is a fun and tasteful kind of music that is, quite frankly, a welcome respite from the overwrought and often humorless fare that encumbers much of what is heard today.
Track list:

  1. Know: Your Love isn’t Evil
  2. Edge of the Earth
  3. Primitive Suffering
  4. Two Moments
  5. Those Moves

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