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Bong-Ra - MonolithBong-Ra
Category: Breakcore / Hip-Hop / Experimental
Album: Monolith
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: A fierce mesh of hip-hop, extreme metal, and breakcore to create a chaotic record that solidifies Bong-Ra’s place as a true innovator.


Jason Köhnen has over the course of 15 years paved his own path in the breakcore underground, always pursuing new avenues to experiment and incorporate new sounds into the frantic and energetic style. Never one to adhere to a single musical mode or make any compromises in the virility of his constructions, Bong-Ra has left no stone unturned as elements of dark ambient, extreme metal, jazz, classical, and most notably reggae and hip-hop have been infused with his intricately programmed mélange of controlled breakbeat chaos. As the first lyric from the second track on his latest opus, Monolith, defiantly proclaims, “That which cannot kill you must inspire you.” No statement could be truer when it comes to one of the Netherlands’ most unique musical exports.

Monolith exhibits Köhnen presenting the alpha and the omega of the Bong-Ra sound, the alpha featuring collaborations with goth-hop artist Sole – a.k.a. Tim Holland – in a series of tracks that are sure to excite and stimulate as much for the strength of the fierce rapping as for the deep rolls of wobbly jungle bass and harsh breaks. From the sociopolitical diatribes of “Pandora’s Box” criticizing the status quo and mankind’s inability to learn from history to the criticisms of warmongering and corporate politics sheathed in a melodic chorus and idiosyncratically Middle Eastern synth of “Trillion Nemesi,” the alpha side presents a darkly varied and sharply appealing set of songs for breakcore and hip-hop enthusiasts alike. The omega side then begins with “Dawn of the Megalomaniacs,” a collaboration with Dean Rodell that starts off with a venomous buildup of creeping synthesized ambience and robotic voices before a vicious guitar enters as the clamor of metallic breaks assault the listener. Similarly, “Darkness|Artificial Flesh” chugs away with a scathing display of glitches and stutters as the choppy riffs and beats are sure to send the listener into uncontrollable spasms, while “Fallen Sons” emphasizes pure synth bass and ambience amid the percussive mayhem. “Crawlers” ends Monolith with samples from the recent film adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft’s The Whisperer in Darkness, creating a slithering atmosphere that descends into a breakcore barrage that brings the album to a violent climax.

While Monolith may not offer any surprises to fans of breakcore and Bong-Ra, the album still features a highly formidable set of tracks full of vitality and variety. That being said, it’s a style that’s not for all tastes and requires quite a bit of sonic stamina to withstand the audio onslaught of divergent and extreme genres at play. For this, Monolith lives up to its title as a veritable wall of ferocious breakcore that serves to solidify Bong-Ra’s place as a true innovator.
Track list:

  1. Monolith
  2. Inspiration
  3. Trillion Nemesi
  4. Pandora’s Box
  5. Dawn of the Megalomaniacs
  6. Darkness|Artificial Flesh
  7. Fallen Sons
  8. Crawlers

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