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Blue Stahli - Blue Stahli
Blue Stahli
Category: Electronica / Rock
Album: Blue Stahli
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: Blue Stahli stands as an exciting debut album from an artist who stands to progress beyond the shadow of his producer.


Listening to the self-titled full-length debut from Blue Stahli, it would be easy for the average listener to dismiss the act as yet another one of Klayton’s musical excursions. After all, Blue Stahli’s Bret Autrey is a FiXT recording and remix artist, has produced various works of film and television music for the label, and is in fact one half of the current Celldweller live lineup. True as it may be that Klayton has taken Bret under his wing, it would be a mistake to dismiss Blue Stahli for when listening to this album, the listener is presented with a sound that while similar to Celldweller retains a personality all its own. One need only listen to “Kill Me Every Time,” the first taste of Blue Stahli over two years ago and also presented on the album, for proof as the song slithers sensually along with breaking beats and groovy bass lines reminiscent of Paul Oakenfold, while the smooth and highly melodic vocals recall the ‘80s retro rock of Julien-K. The same can be said of the fast-paced charge of “Doubt” as fluid synthesizers move atop frantic beat structures that make the song a perfect contender for the next big racing video game, and “Takedown” juxtaposes this high octane electro/rock energy level with a vicious interplay of Bret’s venomous screeches with Xtina’s luscious melodic refrains in the verses. Of course, with Klayton producing the record, some moments will sound clearly influenced by Celldweller; this is especially true in “Ultranumb” with the combination of aggressive alternative rock melodies with glitch-laden industrial textures making for an explosive opening track. “Corner” is another notable track with its slow building intro of ambient marching beats leading to some atmospherically somber verses with a hint of Middle Eastern flavor and highly emotive choruses that are simply too catchy to ignore. The only flaw this writer can find with Blue Stahli is that the last two tracks might have served the overall flow of the record better had they been reversed; the thrashing speed and pure vitriolic rage of “Give Me Everything You’ve Got” ends the album rather abruptly and violently, while “Metamorphosis” is a much more satisfying affair, melodically, structurally, and compositionally. This is a matter of personal opinion and does little to discount the power of Blue Stahli’s performance. While some may find it difficult distinguish between this and Celldweller, there are enough differences to hear the potential for Blue Stahli to progress beyond the producer’s shadow as the shared DNA between the two acts is just enough to bring out the best in both artists. If nothing else, the dynamic between Bret’s songwriting and Klayton’s impeccable production makes for an enticing and exciting album.
Track list:

  1. Ultranumb
  2. Scrape
  3. Anti-You
  4. Doubt
  5. Corner
  6. Takedown
  7. Kill Me Every Time
  8. Throw Away
  9. Metamorphosis
  10. Give Me Everything You’ve Got

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