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Bloody Dead and Sexy
Category: Goth
Album: An Eye on You
Stars: 3
Blurb: German band’s third album is a fair but uninspiring exercise in blending gothic roots with contemporary rock sounds.


Bloody Dead and Sexy is a dark rock band from Germany, originally formed in 1997 as a pure death rock outfit. After losing their original guitarist in an unfortunate accident, and another due to creative differences, the lineup today consists of Tim Schande on bass, Rosa Iahn on vocals, Bjørn Henningson on drums, and Matias 13 on guitar. Their third and latest release is the shadowy An Eye on You. Following in the wake of their first tour of the United States in 2004 and the 2005 album Narcotic Room, An Eye on You has become a long overdue follow up for this band’s fans in Europe and elsewhere.

While still widely unknown in the States, Bloody Dead and Sexy perform all of their music in English as opposed to their native tongue. Combined with their lush organic approach to rock music and their bright guitar riffs, their overall sound fits in wonderfully with similar acts such as Franz Ferdinand. Although lyrically and thematically the band certainly has more in common with groups like Nine Inch Nails or Joy Division, the end result is a sound and style that’s hard to place in any definitive pigeonhole. Bloody Dead and Sexy are today a polished, professional act that are audibly too mainstream to be dangerous, and yet too morbid to melt into the same pot with the rest of their musical peers. The band’s imagery and fashion sense are traditionally gothic in nature, in complete contrast to what one would expect – bearded, shaggy Brits in tight blue jeans and T-shirts.

All this peculiar duality aside, An Eye on You is a skillfully recorded album, with crisp drumming and rich, vibrant guitar. Rosa Iahn’s tenor vocal work is also controlled and deliberate, each aspect a hallmark of a maturing band with years of experience. As pleasant as this record often is, this writer doesn’t see its shelf life as being especially durable. Some key ingredient is still missing, and though it’s quickly evident, it becomes more so with each listen. The music is a little too clean, its execution not quite as intense as it seems it should be. Bloody Dead and Sexy seem to be striving for an edgy, artful pop record, but they don’t quite make it all the way. Ultimately, you’re left with a competent but unmemorable record.
Track list:

  1. Solemn Times
  2. City Ghosts
  3. Decent Scent of Poison
  4. Reaping Day
  5. Song of Truth
  6. Three Corners of an Eye, Part I: Lower Right Corner
  7. The Fix
  8. A Clockwork Symphony
  9. Candy Box
  10. Saeta
  11. Three Corners of an Eye, Part II: Upper Corner
  12. The Upper Floor
  13. Sunglasses for a Funeral
  14. Der Kuss
  15. Three Corners of an Eye, Part III: Lower Left Corner

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