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Blind Passenger - ZeitsprungBlind Passenger
Category: Electro-pop
Album: Zeitsprung
Stars: 2.5
Blurb: The covers of pop classics and the band’s own old material might be fighting an uneven duel on Zeitsprung, but the album remains an amiable and rather entertaining electro feat.


Blind Passengers was Nik Page’s original synthpop outlet and it is only the conspicuous absence of the letter s that informs the listener that this current incarnation is something slightly different. Blind Passenger finds Page on his own but still expressing the same appreciation of classic new romance hymns. Zeitsprung, a collection of covers and updated versions of original songs, presents a chance to reacquaint oneself with the German pop charmer but it is not quite a firm, confident handshake that might leave a lasting impression.

The straightforward reworking of Visage’s “Fade to Grey” and Corey Hart’s “Sunglasses at Night” is a lazy but effective way of setting the mood for the rest of the record and both songs sound crisp and fresh if virtually unchanged. Still, mummified and shifted 20 years into the future, they both tower over the rest of the synthpop clichés that fill Zeitsprung. The hooks and instrumentations are in fact so deceptively similar to genre classics that Blind Passenger could be easily accused of transplanting whole organs out of songs that are covered and into the original material. Like a rather bland “Copy of A,” Blind Passenger’s own work never really operates on the same level of basic pop efficiency or gleeful romantic spirit that the beloved hits so effortlessly encapsulate, even if they’re never far off either. This is perhaps the greatest fault on display throughout Zeitsprung, this frustrating inability to fully capitalize on the understanding of the inner workings of electro-pop, its approachable beeping rhythms and the head-bobbing choruses. “Walking to Heaven” feels like an aimless stroll through a clutter of sounds that only picks up the pace for brief moments before the chorus gives way to the underlying simplistic groove while “I Ran” is almost hypnotic, albeit cheerful, in its overreliance on the ‘80s derived vocalization. It is tracks like the Kraftwerkian “You” that balance Blind Passenger’s shortcomings and the energetic finish served via live recordings of several songs successfully retains the atmosphere and the charms of the jovial electro.

It’s perhaps not the most impressive way of putting your foot in the door, but the mixture of old anthems and songs inspired by this aesthetic is just about enough to please the less demanding listeners. Zeitsprung is a bubbly sugary sip of pop and its common taste ensures that it goes down smoothly as long as you don’t expect that the most refined of your taste buds will get to feast on the content at hand.
Track list:

  1. Fade to Grey (feat. Modular Majesty)
  2. You
  3. Sunglasses at Night
  4. Walking to Heaven (2013)
  5. I Ran
  6. The Cross (2013)
  7. Push (feat. Modular Majesty)
  8. Absurdistan (Live)
  9. Born to Die (Live)

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