Jun 2011 20

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Category: Industrial
Album: Disease EP
Stars: 4
Blurb: Addictive and unstoppable, Blackcentr’s Disease EP will make you dance and beg for more.


Blackcentr does industrial dance music better than many of the groups to join the scene in the past decade. With unstoppable beats, superior engineering, and sexy yet understated vocals by Ryan Layne, the Disease EP is irresistible. We can only hope a full album will be released soon.

The music is complex yet primal, drawing out the listener’s basic need to move. With layers of heavy beats, intriguing samples, and vocals that range from wraithlike screams to seductive melodies that hint at a singer who actually knows how to use his voice, every one of the four songs on the EP is well crafted and leaves little room for improvement. The first track, “Disease” is a well done, but pretty standard industrial song with a steady beat and screaming vocals. It does its job – if you heard it in a crowded nightclub, there is little chance you could sit still. “Misanthrope” is a little slower and a good vehicle for Layne, but it would be nice to hear the vocals brought forward just a bit. “Salvation” draws the listener in within the first few seconds and then assaults the ears with an insanely addictive beat. Saving the best for last, “Down” is the track that boasts the most depth of sound. Layne’s vocals, though distorted, are featured more prominently and the tune is much more melodic than the previous three.

There are only two negative comments to be made about Blackcentr’s Disease EP: 1) The vocals should be brought more to the forefront, and 2) Only four songs?! That’s not fair! We want more!

If a full album is released, and the rest of the songs are half as good as the four on the EP, Blackcentr could end up being a major name in industrial dance music.
Track list:

  1. Disease
  2. Misanthrope
  3. Salvation
  4. Down

Blackcentr Website http://blackcentr.com
Blackcentr MySpace http://www.myspace.com/blackcentr
Blackcentr Facebook http://www.facebook.com/blackcentr
Blackcentr Twitter http://twitter.com/blackcentr
Blackcentr ReverbNation http://www.reverbnation.com/blackcentr
Blackcentr Bandcamp http://blackcentr.bandcamp.com
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