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Black Needle Noise - Lost In ReflectionsBlack Needle Noise
Category: Industrial / Shoegaze / Electro
Album: Lost In Reflections
Blurb: John Fryer effortlessly brings all of his skills as a musician and producer to the fore with Black Needle Noise, once again compiling an album full of excellent guest performances to craft a darkly rapturous listening experience.


With a career spanning three decades, John Fryer has proven to be one of the most versatile and eminent producers in modern music; his work has spanned numerous artists and genres, showcasing a level of musical proficiency and technical excellence that has placed him second to none. With Black Needle Noise, he has created a hub for his own musical creations while hosting numerous guest vocalists to introduce listeners to a wider range of talents alongside his own distinguished sounds. His previous album under the moniker, Before the Tears Came was composed of singles released individually, compiled into a single package that presented a gothic and bluesy atmosphere that was almost cinematic in scope. Lost In Reflections is similarly crafted, featuring some new voices and Fryer’s music taking on an even darker, perhaps more darkly foreboding and industrial feel.

Lost In Reflections begins with Zia lending her voice to “Treasured Lies,” her ethereal pop sensibilities creating a melodic counterpoint to the slowly mechanical ambience of Fryer’s instrumentation, the chorus bursting with harmonious power as resonant pianos and guitars are underscored by overdriven, reverberating drums pound with fury. Kite Base’s Kendra Frost lends her soaring and soulful voice to “Warning Sign” and “This Kind of Road,” both resonating with ominous atmospheres by way of shimmering guitars and insistent rhythms. The same can be said of Ana Breton on the almost jazzy “And Nothing Remains” and Andrea Kerr on the trip-hop/alt. rock hybrid “She Stands on a Storm,” “Teeth to Grey” featuring Omniflux as glitchy beats, twinkling synths, and steely guitars help craft some lovely if gloomy sonic paintings. Similarly, Sivert Høyem’s crooning voice lends to the audio noir sound of “Breathless Speechless,” recalling the bluesier sound of the previous album. The melancholy dirge of “Heaven” with Jennie Vee’s saccharine voice recall the more harrowing moments of The Cure, while the lush embrace of sustained guitars, synths, and Mimi Page’s layered vocalizations on “Swimming Through Dreams” live up to the track’s title in creating a veritable shoegazing environment. On the more aggressive end of the spectrum is “Shiver of Want” as Front Line Assembly’s Bill Leeb offers a slithering and menacing performance that suits the track’s caustic ambience marvelously.

Collaborative projects such as Black Needle Noise often run the risk of indulging too much in its own variety; however, despite the assortment of vocal styles on display, Lost In Reflections is a remarkably cohesive listening experience from start to finish, even as “Neon Noir” concludes the album with what might seem like a dubious bit of synthwave. Fryer’s polished and practiced production sound melds together elements of blues, jazz, industrial, shoegaze, and all points in between to craft an engaging and morose audio habitat, each song playing as its own soundtrack to different chapters of the same bleak story. The invitation may not yield a warm welcome into the record’s sinister clutches, but the music is so rich and textured that it will make for a bittersweet exit from its morbid embrace.
Track list:

  1. Treasured Lies (feat. ZiaLand)
  2. Warning Sign (feat. Kendra Frost)
  3. She Stands on a Storm (feat. Andrea Kerr)
  4. Heaven (feat. Jennie Vee)
  5. This Kind of Road (feat. Kendra Frost)
  6. Teeth to Grey (feat. Omniflux)
  7. Swimming Through Dreams (feat. Mimi Page)
  8. And Nothing Remains (feat. Ana Breton)
  9. Shiver of Want (feat. Bill Leeb)
  10. Breathless Speechless (feat. Sivert Høyem)
  11. Neon Noir (feat. Dr. Strangefryer)

Black Needle Noise
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