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Black Asteroid - Black Acid EPBlack Asteroid
Category: Electro
Album: Black Acid EP
Stars: 4
Blurb: Once again returning to the primal, dirty techno that defines much of his work, Bryan Black unveils a new EP sure to get you sweating on the dance floor.


Bryan Black has for two decades showcased an uncanny ability to transform even the most dissonant sound into a work of danceable electronic bliss. From the static-ridden industrial rock leanings of Haloblack to the techno-inspired simplicity of MOTOR, Black’s command of noisy bass and dirty beats can’t be denied. Interestingly enough, as each project develops and evolves, he has a tendency to begin anew and return to the same adrenaline fueled proto-techno sound that seems to be the recurring thread in all of his output. Enter Black Asteroid’s Black Acid EP, presenting four tracks of pure gritty electro as only Bryan Black can produce. From the insistent, hollow warble adrift among ambient glitches in “Lunar Landing” to the static hum of harmonic noise driven by a scratchy pulsing bass on “Hydrogen,” Black Acid is as sure to get you to the dance floor as it is to inspire some deep listening for its deceptively intricate layers of dirty synthesis. As is often part of Black’s signature, the music is predominantly instrumental with only the occasional appearance of an ominous down-pitched whisper to announce the track’s title, adding to the atmosphere of each track and giving the EP an overall DJ-friendly feel. A funky bass with a metallic synth loop as Black’s voice echoes in and out of the mix on “Pressure” makes for a rather sensuous track while the opening title track sounds like a broken down factory repurposed as a nightclub – an android’s disco fantasy come true, complete with all the static crackles so intrinsic to Black’s style. Comparisons could easily be made to the early techno experiments of Aphex Twin, albeit with Black’s caustic flair. The Black Acid EP is quite simply an uncompromising and brilliant work, well produced enough to sate audiophiles with a knack for noise and its musical qualities, rhythmic enough to keep people dancing and grinding all night should they decide to keep the EP on repeat.
Track list:

  1. Black Acid
  2. Hydrogen
  3. Pressure
  4. Lunar Landing

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