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BILE - Built to Fuck, Born to KillBILE
Category: Industrial / Metal
Album: Built to Fuck, Born to Kill
Stars: 5
Blurb: NYC legends return with a ferocious, focused aural assault. This is music to gnash your teeth to.


Legendary industrial/metal pioneers BILE return with Built to Fuck, Born to Kill, the band’s seventh full-length album since forming in the festering underground music scene of New York City in 1992. 2009’s Hate Radio was found lacking in the vitriol, spite, and well… bile that have become synonymous with BILE; some fans and critics alike were disappointed at the seemingly new, mellower BILE. Built to Fuck, Born to Kill brings it all back with a vengeance, making the LP even more impressive after the last release. Despite being released in January of 2013, this album should show up on quite a few top 10 lists come December.

“Remove the Head” starts us off with chunky beats, crunchy guitars, and a catchy chorus. Krztoff’s snarky lyrics are in full effect here, sounding unlike anything else they band has done exactly, but it sets the pace for the album, complete with a sick bass line. “And I Know, None of You” is reminiscent of “You Can’t Love This” from Teknowhore, a celebration of standing above others. In a similarly classic BILE sound, “You Can’t Kill My Drum Machine” comes in asking the question if it sounds this good, why would anyone want to kill it? Krztoff may have difficulty letting go of things, as is evidenced by “The Tina Song,” but for fans and with its killer guitars, this is a good thing (not so much for Tina). “Don’t Die, Asshole” is one of the standout tracks on the album. If the earlier releases had had slightly better and tighter production, they would have sounded like this; the epitome of BILE with its distorted bass sounding quite amazing on headphones to reveal each nuance. The title track borrows the guitar line from the cover of “Fashion” on Biledegradable, while “The King of Negativity” is finally free of the Pigface treatment most fans are familiar with to blister and burn in all of Krztoff’s glory with its tight and fast paced programming and catchy, shouting chorus, while the strutting synths of “Robots Ate My Baby” easily make for the most sexily ominous track on the album.

Ending with “Ambien Manor,” a decrepit bit of dark industrial ambience, Built to Fuck, Born to Kill lives up to its title with equal parts seduction and mayhem. Hands down, this is the best BILE release to date, and is truly spiteful – music to gnash your teeth too, full of real anger and true passion. It’s been awhile; welcome back, BILE!
Track list:

  1. Remove the Head
  2. And I Know, None of You
  3. You Can’t Kill My Drum Machine
  4. The Tina Song
  5. Don’t Die, Asshole
  6. Built to Fuck, Born to Kill
  7. The Guilt When You Are Done
  8. Someone Else
  9. Robots Ate My Baby
  10. The Enemy of Me
  11. The King of Negativity
  12. Ambien Manor

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