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Beyond Sensory Experience - Modern Day DiabolistsBeyond Sensory Experience
Category: Dark Ambient
Album: Modern Day Diabolists
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: The Swedish duo of Beyond Sensory Experience has released a new aphotic and yet tranquil and meditative collection of tracks.


Modern Day Diabolists thrusts the listener into a dark and sometimes eerie atmosphere with these nine unique soundscapes. Each track sends one to a new, dreamy yet precarious place and conjures up a variety of unnerving images. A polished, yet surrealist nightmare, but one that draws the listener in then spits you back out to a suddenly stranger reality. In short, Modern Day Diabolists is an album that puts one in a trance that isn’t so easy to shake off right afterward.

“Through the Underworld” draws one in easy before spiraling into the melancholic “Hailstone Reactor.” This is really where the album takes hold. “Modern Day Diabolists,” the title track, is when the soundscapes get crunchier, darker, and unrelenting. There’s a very tortured and pained vibe that Beyond Sensory Experience manages to project in a way that many other ambient and industrial bands fail to do (except, perhaps, The Unquiet Void or To Travel Without any Certain Destination). In fact, “Between Sleeping and Walking” is similar to “Stranger in Common Places” by To Travel without Any Certain Destination due to the simplistic but melodic sounds, but Beyond Sensory Experience adds a more woeful and dreamy element to it and keeps it slow. “Rapt from Earthly Things” almost feels lighter somehow compared to the other tracks, but remains intriguing despite the new tranquility; a very solid, doleful, and yet romantic track. Yet the album takes the listener back to a darker and unnerving place again with “Lost in Habblahester” and it doesn’t let one back out of its strange and surrealist nightmare through the rest of the album – not the gloomy track “The Testimony of Memory” or the creepy and mildly terrifying “Geometric Fashion.” It’s not until the end of “Locating Imaginary Events in Real Places” that the listener is awoken from this trance with a thunderous and harsh expulsion from the dreamscape.

In hindsight, perhaps smoother transitions between tracks would make the album flow just that much more smoothly. That way, one isn’t thrust in so many different directions so quickly and can be taken along for the ride versus peeking through windows at each musically conjured vision. As a whole though, this album is quite the diverse and rather emotional experience that dark ambiance should always be.
Track list:

  1. Through the Underworld
  2. Hailstone Reactor
  3. Modern Day Diabolists
  4. Between Sleeping and Walking
  5. Rapt from Earthly Things
  6. Lost in Habblahester
  7. The Testimony of Memory
  8. Geometric Fashion
  9. Locating Imaginary Events in Real Places

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