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Betty Moon - ChromeBetty Moon
Category: Electro-pop / Alternative Rock
Album: Chrome
Stars: 4
Blurb: Betty Moon’s eighth studio album possesses a unique blend of pleasing electro-pop with a dark edge that departs from her harder rock sound of yore.


Betty Moon, a Toronto born singer who relocated to Los Angeles in 2010, has been in the game releasing records since the late ‘80s. Her delicate and sophisticated voice paired with her innate razor sharp edge and eclectic style lend themselves perfectly to create her own blend of alternative/electro-pop rock. Her latest album, Chrome tells the tales of her new adventures living in Hollywood. Though this album explores a more danceable pop sound that will appeal to a broader audience, there is still plenty of grit and glam for longtime fans who enjoyed her heavier rock oriented albums. Chrome captivates with awesome hooks, EDM beats, interesting lyrics, and a funky rock groove that most audiences can sink their teeth into.

The album opens with “Sound,” also the first single off the record (and with a music video featuring Kato Kaelin). It’s definitely the purest pop song on the record complete with an upbeat dance floor tempo, staccato synth riffs, and a chorus so catchy that one will find themselves singing it for days. “Demolate,” “Liar,” and “Believer” continue the trend of fast and fun dance tracks with memorable hooks, but the second half of the album is where the real magic happens. “Afterglow” begins with a clean guitar playing a reggae inspired riff and progresses into a super sensual mid-tempo refrain where Moon’s vocals really shine. Both “Natural Disaster” and “Crazy I Am” pick up the pace and showcase Moon’s signature harder rock roots complete with distorted guitars and heavy drumbeats. “Parachute” stands out as this ReViewer’s favorite on the album – a pure funk bass line and beat kick off the song and lead into a slow, sustained, and haunting vocal. The chorus explodes into an irresistible hook and clever lyric that one can’t help but sing along.

Chrome, while pop oriented, goes above and beyond that label. “Pop” sounds too saccharine of a descriptor for a unique album that mixes and melds EDM, rock, and funk with sophisticated and sensual vocals and introspective lyrics that tell a story throughout the whole album. Moon hits the mark with her latest endeavor in creating a more electro-pop oriented sound that is in a league of its own.
Track list:

  1. Sound
  2. Demolate
  3. Liar
  4. Believer
  5. Bullet to My Brain
  6. Afterglow
  7. Natural Disaster
  8. Waste Your Time
  9. Parachute
  10. Life Is But a Dream
  11. Crazy I Am
  12. Dead End Road

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