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Bestias de Asalto - Homenaje a La ViolenciaBestias de Asalto
Category: Electro / Industrial
Album: Homenaje a La Violencia
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: Mexico’s latest musical export delivers a pummeling, grueling electro/industrial style that sees the band adding its own slant to the music of their more famous compatriots.


Some bands release albums that have one or two overwhelmingly powerful tracks on them, but not this pair. They do it all the time! Another Mexican duo to add to that country’s increasing electronic roster, Bestias De Asalto unleashes an unrelenting electro assault that almost has to be heard to be believed. The maelstrom-like mood that is a hallmark of this album seems almost to be a unification of electro/industrial and the spirit of punk (which seems to be a trademark of many of the South/Central American bands currently breaking through) with an earthy, pounding feel that feels like a short sharp shock. This shock is aided by so many of the tracks’ sudden endings, which adds an immediacy that contrasts and yet complements the massive soundscapes that are the hallmark of their finest tracks, most of which appear during the album’s second half.

The opening tracks do sound slightly breathless, as if they can’t keep up with themselves. Perhaps it’s just a case of trying to fit too much in with complex arrangements that are impressive enough but perhaps a tad disjointed; that they often seem so short is perhaps a contributing factor in making the opening salvos, while still enjoyable, less of the overwhelming triumph that the album later turns into courtesy of “Come Mierda Y Merde” and the intense experience that is “Arsenal.” It’s here that it really hits the mark, being purposeful and to the point with power to spare in the pummeling rhythms and deep, memorable chorus. Of course, the influence of Hocico is never too far away, but for the most part, our boys add enough of their own style into the mix to make the music their own and as the album hurtles towards its climax, “Que Reine el Terror” and “M-60,” a track that packs a punch equal to the firearm that inspired it, deliver more of the duo’s trademark sonic warfare, never letting up for a second. Even the instrumental “Hacia La Guerra” sports a decidedly martial feel in contrast to most such bands usually using such interludes to show some gothic prowess!

Throughout, this album has a raw brutality that sets it apart from many of its ilk and their overproduced offerings, and while it might have trouble getting much club appeal, the remixes – including a straightforward X-Fusion reinterpretation of “M-60” – should make sure it doesn’t miss out in that respect. However, it’s the originals that do the business here, setting new standards in terms of intensity and epic soundscapes in a way that’s not going to be easy for many bands to equal.
Track list:

  1. Matalos a Todos
  2. Secuestro
  3. Mente Enferma
  4. Violador
  5. Come Mierda Y Ymere
  6. Arsenal
  7. Bestias De Asalto
  8. Que Reine el Terror
  9. Hacia La Guerra
  10. M-60
  11. Matalos a Todos (Sin DNA Remix)
  12. Que Reine el Terror (Larva Remix)
  13. Matalos a Todos (Angels of Suicide Remix)
  14. M-60 (X-Fusion Remix)

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Carl Jenkinson (carlj)


  1. Jason says:

    Thanks for the insightful review :)

  2. dapokam says:

    excelente banda de estas tierras mexicanas!!!

    come mierda y muere!!!

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