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BeMyDelay - ToTheOtherSideBeMyDelay
Category: Gothic / Ambient / Experimental
Album: ToTheOtherSide
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: A surprisingly dreamlike experience from an album that fights classification.


Having worked in Italian indie rock acts such as Blake/e/e/e, Franklin Delano, and Massimo Volume, singer and guitarist Marcella Reiccard has taken on the solo project BeMyDelay to explore new avenues and obviously to be a bit adventurous with her music. Though subtle traces of the styles present in Reiccardi’s other efforts can be heard in this new project, by and large BeMyDelay is a considerable departure as it strangely but brilliantly interweaves an odd variety of genre sounds into one smooth, ambient, art rock collage made up of many disjointed parts made to naturally fit by a talented hand.

Seemingly harnessing the power of dreams and their bizarre way of merging of people in places in ways which normally make no sense, BeMyDelay has done the same with musical styles. BeMyDelay’s starts off with a potential problem as the work in “YouAndMeAndTheSunshine” can come off as a bit overly artsy as it achieves an ambient drone with its repetition of the title along with a slow build in complexity; it works remarkably well as an introductory track to lull and someone hypnotize the listener, but it could just as easily provoke some kneejerk negative reactions that will leave the listener on the defensive. “TowardsTheSun” takes on an almost upbeat tribal rhythm but maintains a melancholy and low-key feel with the multiplicative layering of Reiccard’s somber vocals. Then with “WhatItFeelsLikeToBeDrowned,” Reiccardi incorporates a twanging, Country Western-like acoustic guitar loop, but effortlessly transitions into “CobraSun,” which takes on the feeling of belly dancing music with its Arabic feel and sound of finger cymbals. Later tracks like “TearsAndVisions” show much more of an ethereal darkwave style and “ToComeOutToTheOtherSide” seeming almost gothic in origin.

This strange journey in style doesn’t seem like it should work, but does thanks to the blatant unifier of Reiccardi’s subdued vocal style. Also, more subtle moments or flavors from previous tracks may appear like phantoms, reminding you of where you’ve been while still offering something completely different to explore. ToTheOtherSide is definitely an oddity with its constant exploration of styles, but it all works together surprisingly well, making for a trip not soon to be forgotten.
Track list:

  1. YouAndMeAndTheSunshine
  2. TowardTheSun
  3. WhatItFeelsLikeToBeDrowned
  4. CobraSun
  5. Mirror
  6. TearsAndVisions
  7. ToComeOutToTheOtherSidew

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