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BeMyDelay - Hazy LightsBeMyDelay
Category: Experimental / Folk
Album: Hazy Lights
Stars: 3
Blurb: Gentle and affecting in the most simplistic of ways, Hazy Lights is a record of elemental musical power.


BeMyDelay’s last album, To the Other Side hoped to take the listener on a crossover journey beyond the usual constraints of genres. Hazy Lights stays firmly in a realm of organic, moody tones and ambient drones give way to evocative vocal work and ascetic melodies that bring Marcella Riccardi closer to the physical and immediate sentimentality, accessible to the audience from the very first moments of the new LP.

The album consists of two sides, emphasizing the vinyl format of the physical release, but the whole of Hazy Lights is in fact, more straightforwardly divided into distinguishable and self contained tracks. Each of them successfully sustains a poetic and elegiac mood, but Riccardi infuses all of the track’s parts with seeds of individuality that blossom potently on romantic, thoughtful songs like the opening “I Feared the Fury of My Wind” or the meditatively paced “Seven Treasures.” Intertwining sounds and textures of all the compositions lend BeMyDelay’s latest effort an impressionistic, improvised character that permeates the music, keeping the listener in the acoustic bubble – a dreamlike state of continuous emotional investment into each verse and melody line. The sparse use of instruments and uninterrupted slow-burning flow cement the act’s blues like technique, reliant on simplicity and the purity of musical emotionalism. Occasional ornaments that embellish the swaying surfaces of plucking bass and guitars enrich the atmosphere with exceptionally well placed oriental textures on “Ocean Drive,” rendering the sights and smells of the titular journey in a palpable and almost physical manner. From quiet, unobtrusive harmonica to exotic tanpura, all ingredients of the album emphasize both the consistency of its climate and the eclecticism of the method.

One limitation that Hazy Lights fails to overcome is that of stylistic monotony that inevitably haunts every work of such focused and determined artistic vision. BeMyDelay stays entrapped in this moody construction of understated instruments and floating vocals and it’s for the listener to judge the value of this subtly yet effectively expressive record that never strives for pleasures other than that of the susceptible heart and melancholy soul.
Track list:

  1. I Feared the Fury of My Wind
  2. You Are My Sunshine
  3. Seven Treasures
  4. Bless Thee
  5. Ocean Drive
  6. Roses and Snow
  7. Stranger
  8. Farewell Love
  9. Mottetto Della Sera d’Aprile

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