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Bella Morte - ExorcismsBella Morte
Category: Darkwave / Goth
Album: Exorcisms
Stars: 4.5
Blurb: Bella Morte has not disappointed once in the 18 years the band has been releasing music, so why would this new album from them be any different?


Following the 17 year retrospective and 2008 album Beautiful Death comes this very powerful album, brimming with delicate songwriting and incomparable performances. As the band has always evolved over the years, Bella Morte has mastered so many different styles of music and uses this album to showcase maturity and dedication to creating music. Before the release of the album, front man Andy Deane spoke of the sentiment of the album, “This album was written during the hardest time of my life. Things had crumbled around me, and I was sad, and hurt, and trying to make some changes in myself… exorcising my demons, so to speak.” There’s no mistaking that this album is exploding with pain, but also courage, which only makes it all the more beautiful and impressive.

Some of the heavier tracks would be “As Fire,” “Tired,” and “Reflections,” all three of them carrying intense synths and mesmerizing vocals, which in turn makes these tracks mournful yet beautiful ballads. It’s because of these tracks that Exorcisms will keep its place as one of the strongest albums of the year. There are some upbeat tracks as well, including a cover of Depeche Mode’s “Never Let Me Down,” which is just absolutely stunning. Depeche Mode has an incredibly unique sound, as does Bella Morte, and intertwining the two creates something very clever and also impacting.

Bella Morte is far from short of experience and talent, so it’s not surprising that the album is as strong as it is. Not once over the past 18 years has the group ever released something that did not rally the fans, new and old, to embrace in their outstanding passion and dedication. This album is going to be just as memorable as previous works, and as Bella Morte continue its legacy, we will all wait in anticipation.
Track list:

  1. Exorcisms
  2. Never Let Me Down Again
  3. As Fire
  4. Watching the Sky
  5. Water Through Sand
  6. Reflections
  7. The Dark
  8. Tired
  9. A Quiet Place to Die
  10. Entwined

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