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Bella Morte - The Best of Bella Morte 1996 – 2012Bella Morte
Category: Darkwave / Goth / Rock
Album: The Best of Bella Morte 1996 – 2012
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: The multifaceted goth rockers refuse to rest in peace in this satisfying 17-year retrospective.


Never really taking much comfort in just one style of music, these horror-obsessed Charlottesville, Virginia natives have always pushed themselves to be a force to be reckoned with. Blending various elements such as post-punk, darkwave, synthpop, and metal have carried Bella Morte’s themes of love, despair, and death to different and exciting levels of darkness. Revisiting essential tracks from 1996’s Remorse demo to the most recent Before the Flood, “Beautiful Death” looks back at its endearing attempt of capturing the essence of the goth subculture.

Andy Deane’s vivid narration carries listeners through a lengthy spiral of melancholia starting with somber vampire laments in “Fall No More” and “The Rain Within Her Hands.” The flashback fluctuates in energy and time, passing through the guitar thrashing anthem in “Logic” to the dark longing in “One Winter’s Night” and angst-ridden outbursts in “On the Edge.” Deane’s emotive clarity and distinctive vocal resilience become ever so apparent with this setup, which, of course, makes it even more difficult to say he isn’t the most integral facet of Bella Morte. Newcomers will further be blown away by the metal ballad in “Black Seas Collide” and serenity in “Winter” and “Untitled,” while the rarity in “Flatlined” and the rework of the deeply saddening “Evensong” are alluring enough for longtime fans to not dismiss.

While Bella Morte is indeed a very volatile outfit, it’s somewhat disheartening to hear the immediate juxtaposition of the genuinely obscure ‘80s inspired synthpop and darkwave transition to the more alternative rock prevalent in the band’s newer releases. Fortunately, there’s a slew of styles to choose from that ultimately appeases full blown devotees, selective admirers, and surely piques the interest of novices. Overall, Bella Morte’s essence and impressive range are greatly emphasized by the selection of this well thought out nostalgic compilation and undoubtedly attests to the band’s huge success.
Track list:

  1. Fall No More
  2. Find Forever Gone
  3. The Rain Within Her Hands
  4. Here With Me
  5. Another Way
  6. Logic
  7. The Quiet
  8. One Winter’s Night
  9. On the Edge
  10. Many Miles
  11. Black Seas Collide
  12. The Coffin Don’t Want Me and She Don’t Either
  13. Winter
  14. Untitled
  15. Flatlined
  16. Evensong (2012)

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