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Beatrice Antolini - L’ABBeatrice Antolini
Category: Electro-pop / Experimental
Album: L’AB
Blurb: Possessing a deep understanding of songcraft and creating every aspect of her latest album by herself, the latest from Beatrice Antolini is simply excellent.


Italian multi-instrumentalist Beatrice Antolini began playing piano at the age of 3. After discovering punk, she played drums in a Joy Division cover band and bass in various other projects before attending Teatro Colli di Bologna and The Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, attaining degrees in acting and art design. As expected from the land that brought us the Renaissance, Antolini shines as a true renaissance woman, undertaking every aspect on her latest release, L’AB. She wrote every song, played every instrument we hear, programmed every synth, and mixed every track. Every detail has been fine tuned to a razor’s edge that slices into you and leaves you wanting more.

Opening with the track “Insilence,” the lyrics and music subtly surround your consciousness with gothic overtones, building, receding, and ending with a piano that fades you into the next song, “Forget to Be,” with its percussion leading the way and incessant echoing synth note supporting the vocals and bass. “Second Life” slows things down a bit, starting with an almost balladlike piano broken by vocal glitches that promote a feeling of disquiet until the song starts in earnest with an almost calming mood that is at odds with the longing vocals and lyrics. The relentlessness felt in previous songs returns with the track “Until I Became,” opening with a staccato piano line that promotes a feeling of urgency that the vocals and rolling beats only amplify. This whole track, even during the breaks, is busy in a very creative and beautiful way. “What You Want” feels almost like a progressive jazz track with the soft percussion and jumping piano melody that just gets groovier and groovier as the song progresses, throwing some beautiful synth accents into the mix and taking the pitch up before slowly fading into silence. The silence is gently broken when “I’m Feeling Lonely” opens with a clear vocal and soft piano melody that grows with vocal harmonies, percussion, and synth accents until expanding with the first chorus, leaving “Beautiful Nothing” to close the album in a similar vein, but more longing and emotional.

With L’AB, Beatrice Antolini demonstrations her deep understanding of how to craft some truly excellent songs and how to use her voice exceptionally well. Her lyrics are introspective and highly emotive, evoking moods and thought, and while some of the tracks raised reminiscences to The Dreaming era Kate Bush, there is a freshness to the songs that is decidedly contemporary. At just under 32 minutes, this album is way too short.
Track list:

  1. Insilence
  2. Forget to Be
  3. Second Life
  4. Subba
  5. Until I Became
  6. Total Blank
  7. What You Want
  8. I’m Feeling Lonely
  9. Beautiful Nothing

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