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Battle Tapes - Form EPBattle Tapes
Category: Electro / Rock
Album: Form EP
Blurb: Tapping into the lush Pacific haze and urban sprawl of the band’s Los Angeles home, Battle Tapes’ latest EP plays as a soundtrack to the Hollywood dreams of a new tech-savvy generation.


L.A.’s Battle Tapes is a clear case of quality over quantity, with Form being the latest EP release from the electro/rock sensation. Having established a style that blends warm ambience and gritty electronics with an emotive and melodic rock core, Battle Tapes is on the fast track to greater recognition in the scene long after the current trends of ‘80s retro and synthwave have passed, as evidenced by the sense of immediacy and dynamism presented on Form’s five tracks.

A grinding, throbbing electronic pulse descends to create an infectious and groovy rhythm that the drums quickly take to, Josh Boardman’s tenor vocals entering sweet, saccharine, and striking with a fetching chorus that is sure to get people humming along with little persuasion. Even without the obvious guitar riffs, the interplay of noisy and distorted synths with the organic rhythms is as instantly grabbing as any ordinary rock song, setting the stage for the rest of Form quite well. “No Good” follows with a deceptively simple and catchy beat and bass, the shimmering sparkle of the synths evoking the beachside sun swept ambience of the band’s Los Angeles home while the chorus blasts with the kind of pop/rock fervor that should ensure the song’s place on made a play list for years to come; it’s no wonder the song was the EP’s introductory single. The same could easily be said of “Control,” its funky beat and bass line sure to send many running to the dance floor, or “Alive” with its squelching, glitchy synths and soaring chorus vocals, while “Rhyme or Reason” slows things down for an atmospheric ballad that once again conjures images of lonely drives down Sunset Boulevard, or gazing at the San Fernando Valley at dusk from Mulholland Drive.

Not unlike fellow L.A. electro/rockers Julien-K or even The Black Queen, Battle Tapes crafts music that taps into the lush Pacific haze and urban sprawl of the City of Angels, making the Form EP a soundtrack to all the Hollywood dreams of a generation that finds more solace and purpose on the streets than at the gates. The melodies are captivating, the atmospheres engaging by way of inviting electronics that have just the right balance of bite and warmth, and if these beats don’t make you want to dance or at least bop your head along with, this writer has to wonder what might be wrong with you. Bravo, Battle Tapes!
Track list:

  1. Last Resort and Spa
  2. No Good
  3. Control
  4. Rhyme or Reason
  5. Alive

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