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AV - Venus BarAV
Category: Electro / Rock / New Wave
Album: Venus Bar
Stars: 4
Blurb: Urban, sensual, morose, nostalgic, and just a little bit sultry, the debut EP from this Parisian artist will sink right into your electro taste buds.


The Parisian nightlife must have profoundly affected Adrien Viot – a.k.a. AV – because when listening to his Venus Bar debut EP, the listener will certainly receive impressions of traversing through all of the city’s swank and sleaze. Beginning with the title track, a thrumming bass and lightly infectious dance beat lifted right out of the darkest ‘80s discos (complete with a classic handclap) starts the listener on this sultry journey. Viot’s sensuous and breathy vocals draw the listener in as waves of electro arpeggios and sweeping melodies make for a dark and catchy chorus. The rest of the EP follows suit, with “Zombies” being an especially noteworthy track with its cracking snare hits and shady yet groovy guitar, while “Autostrada” picks up the pace with the familiar 808 clicks being a nicely subtle touch, the scathing electronics adding just the right amount of grit as Viot cries “drive away” in the chorus. “Mort a Vegas” is a slow romp with a steady bass pulse and scratchy guitar and electronics, particularly in the squelching solo that closes the song out, that add just a touch of sordid ambience evocative of the dirtiest parts of Sin City. Closing the EP out are two remixes and a cover of the title track, with the Pyramid remix being a nicely rhythmic helping of vocal glitches and sprinklings of piano and danceable arpeggios, while the Juveniles remix is an almost straightforward electro track that will easily transport the listener into the most happening dance clubs of the ‘80s, if the whole of the EP hasn’t done so already. The cover of “Venus Bar” by That Obscure Object of Desire adds a feminine trip-hop touch to the song, with warm synths giving a lightly mysterious vibe to the track and ending the EP on a lovely note. Listening to Venus Bar, the likes of Kavinsky, Scattle, or M.O.O.N. come to mind, filled with the classic sounds of the ‘80s and fitting alongside soundtracks to Drive or Miami Vice. And yet, the production is crisp and modern sounding, coming across more as a drifting nostalgic reverie rather than an indulgent trip down memory lane and making for a strong debut from a hot new talent from France.
Track list:

  1. Venus Bar
  2. Mort a Vegas
  3. Zombies
  4. Autostrada
  5. Venus Bar (Pyramid Remix)
  6. Venus Bar (Juveniles Remix)
  7. Venus Bar (That Obscure Object of Desire Cover)

AV Website http://www.avsinger.tumblr.com
AV Facebook https://www.facebook.com/avsinger
AV Twitter http://www.twitter.com/avsinger
AV SoundCloud http://www.soundcloud.com/avsinger
Police Records Website http://www.policerecords.fr
Police Records Facebook https://www.facebook.com/policerecords
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