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Autumn - The Fall (Single)Autumn
Category: Goth / Rock / Darkwave
Album: The Fall (Single)
Blurb: Seasons may change, but goth/rock act Autumn returns from an absence of 18 years with a new single that recalls the darkly atmospheric majesty of the band’s first album.


It is said to be folly to attempt to catch lightning in a bottle twice, but listening to The Fall, the first new release from Minneapolis goth/rock act Autumn in 18 years, it just might happen. Though the band had undergone some changes in lineup and varying degrees of motivation and productivity in the interim, the trio of vocalist Julie Plante, guitarist Neil McKay, and bassist Jeff Leyda has reunited at long last to deliver unto us the band’s signature sound yet again; full of lushly immersive soundscapes, powerful rhythms, and majestic vocals that wrap the listener in a blanket of cold yet fiery atmosphere. From the first crystalline guitar lines of McKay and Leyda’s serpentine bass grooves in “The Fall,” with Plante’s voice melodic and forceful, it’s clear that the dynamic that defined the band’s sound two decades ago is still present and strong. Similarly, flowing eerily like the reminiscences of a long lost lover is the melancholic and harrowing “Before and After,” McKay’s distinctively resonant tones chiming and echoing amid Leyda’s rhythmic cool and Plante’s operatic harmonies. To close the single out, producer William Faith gives us a dark electro remix of “The Fall,” which makes for a nice dance floor accompaniment. Mastered by Chad Blinman and featuring artwork by Clovis IV, there is a nostalgic joy in seeing the same group of people that created Autumn’s 1997 debut The Hating Tree working together once again – as one could surmise, wiser and more refined after two decades, ensuring that the band’s upcoming third album, Chandelier will be a special treat for longtime fans of Autumn and darkwave music as a whole. Welcome back, Autumn!
Track list:

  1. The Fall
  2. Before and After
  3. The Fall [Broken RmX by William Faith]

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