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Autoclav1.1 - Ten.One.Point.OneAutoclav1.1
Category: Ambient / IDM / Electronic
Album: Ten.One.Point.One
Stars: 4.5
Blurb: Presenting some of his strongest and strangest material yet, Tony Young brings Autoclav1.1 full circle to mark the project’s 10 year anniversary.


Never one to rest on his laurels, Tony Young – the musical mastermind behind Autoclav1.1 – has managed to survive a full decade of making music; to celebrate this monumental occasion, he has signed with WTII Records and released Ten.One.Point.One, taking his chilled out brand of ambient/IDM into what should hopefully prove to be a next phase of his creative development. While Portents Call was notable for introducing some warmer tones and the rather colorful use of female vocal samples to achieve a rather spacious yet ghostly effect, that album still bore all of the signatures of the Autoclav1.1 sound, primarily in the heavy presence of piano melodies accentuating intricately programmed beat structures that belie the simplicity of his progressions. With Ten.One.Point.One, Young does what he does best with some of his strongest (and strangest) material to date.

“16a” starts the album off with frosted swells of pads that evoke everything from a shrill violin to glass goblets topped off by trickles of piano and underscored by a bouncy electro beat that seems to slightly skip with each loop; it’s everything one might expect from Autoclav1.1 – sweet yet somber. Similarly, “Not in Service” creates a sense of unease with the distinctly skittering beat as a warbling dark ambience floats through the speakers, while other tracks like “In All Guises” and “Your Face Goes Here” experiment with alternating time signatures, the harmonious interplay of organic piano and synthetic atmospheres creating finely tuned and dynamic soundscapes that longtime fans of Autoclav1.1 will be gladly familiar with. And then there are the more energetic tracks like “Waiting Room” with its frantic jungle rhythms and robotic vocal stabs acting as a vibrant contrast to the dense layers of pads and pianos, while “i.d.10.t.fault” may rank as the album’s most elaborately unsettling track with its noisy electronic stomps, subtle hints of stylized hip-hop samples skimping the surface, and sudden shifts in tempo and melodic tone. More breakbeats abound in “Spanner Line,” offset by an almost hymnal intro of voices, while “Crack Towers” is dominated by waves of synthesized auras and hums, the forceful breaks interrupting the ambient piece momentarily. Ending the album is the appropriately titled “Everything Must Go” in which Young virtually incorporates every tonal and rhythmic element the whole of the album has offered into a single helping of ominous industrialized fright, the swells of bass and oppressively distorted and offbeat percussion clashing disturbingly with the lushly operatic vocals samples and twinkling pianos.

Autoclav1.1 has in the past suffered from a repetition of tonal and conceptual ideas; and on the other hand, the project has demonstrated a propensity to reach past the confines of its own IDM style into elements of gothic post-rock and heavier industrial modes. With Ten.One.Point.One, Tony Young celebrates his 10 years of making music with a return to the exploratory spirit that first spawned Autoclav1.1 – infused with the elements that have defined the project for a decade, but offset by a compositional path that deviates rather decisively from the established conventions, daring to surprise and perhaps even disturb the listener. As well, it’s some of Young’s most concise material yet as no track outstays its welcome, leaving just the right impression to keep the listener guessing and possibly returning just to get a hold of one’s footing. With any luck, if future outings prove as strong as Ten.One.Point.One, Young will be able to keep the creative momentum flowing for another decade.
Track list:

  1. 16a
  2. In All Guises
  3. Waiting Room
  4. Spanner Line
  5. Not in Service
  6. i.d.10.t.fault
  7. Your Face Goes Here
  8. Ruin My News Feed
  9. Crack Towers
  10. Everything Must Go

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