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Autoclav1.1 - Embark on DepartureAutoclav1.1
Category: Experimental / IDM / Ambient
Album: Embark on Departure
Stars: 4
Blurb: Further exploring the various genres touched on in the projects past, this latest release from Autoclav1.1 is a fine return to form that may hint at better things to come.


Tony Young stands as one of this generation’s most consistent and energetic artists, having released six full studio albums since the inception of Autoclav1.1 in 2004. Running the gamut from ambient to IDM to industrial, his music is often filled to the brim with deceptively complex arrangements of melodic layers and intricate beat structures to create a sound that is frigid in its atmosphere yet organic in its warmth. Embark on Departure is his latest creative endeavor, taking a further step back from the post-rock meanderings of his past releases to return to a more varied and introspective sound.

“Lights Out” and “This Could be You” present a back-to-back helping of thrusting percussion with electronic flutters evoking a lounging trance vibe. Layers of expansive pads offset the mood, making for a comfortably familiar but still exploratory sound that is distinguishably Autoclav1.1. From here, the album proceeds to instill a sense of musical schizophrenia as Young pulls all the stops with various styles, from the hard-hitting breakbeats of “Recent Conversation” to the gutturally guitar-driven “Scars,” featuring an incendiary vocal from Leæther Strip’s Claus Larsen and a repeating sound akin to a metallic kitten’s cries for attention. “No Running Away from This” with its offbeat time signature and bouncy drum loops bears a resemblance to trip-hop, while “Foolishly Sentimental” struts by with a bit-crushed industrial loop and distorted synths, but all with the chilled ambience and melodic pianos to give that unique Autoclav1.1 signature. Slowed breaks and more of the same trancelike mood from “Lights Out” return with “Three Hours,” lulling the listener back into a relaxed state before “Today Is the Day” impresses with a complement of reversed and rapid piano arpeggios, creating a tapestry of organic texture that is offset by a strident beat and an electronic stutter that may or may not be a manipulated vocal. “Tick.Tock” is perhaps the biggest anomaly, for while its tone and attitude are quintessential Autoclav1.1, there is a strangely off-key approach that produces an effect of various elements of the song being out of tune with each other, which makes for one very interesting track.

Overall, Embark on Departure is a return to form for Autoclav1.1, finely presenting Young’s penchant for frost-laden atmosphere via cold pads and resonant pianos for that inimitable human touch. As well, the album does well to offer a cohesive mélange of the various genres explored throughout the project’s oeuvre, making for a sometimes uneven but enjoyably chill listen. With additional guest appearances from Displacer’s Mike Morton, Alter Der Ruine’s Jacob Rouse, and Kate Turgoose, Embark on Departure is among the more notable releases from Autoclav1.1 and hints at greater possibilities for sonic experimentation yet to come.
Track list:

  1. Lights Out
  2. This Could be You
  3. Nine
  4. Recent Conversation
  5. Tick.Tock
  6. Scars
  7. Inhale/Exhale
  8. No Running Away from This
  9. Foolishly Sentimental
  10. Three Hours
  11. Today Is the Day
  12. Stop the Clock

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