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Category: Experimental / Industrial / IDM
Album: All Standing Room in the Goodnight Saloon
Stars: 3
Blurb: Organic warmth and digital chill make for a frigid album that falls short of melting hearts as easily as previous releases from Autoclav1.1.


Churning out an album a year for five years is no easy task for even the most accomplished musician, but Tony Young has maintained a steady and prolific pace with Autoclav1.1. Over the course of his evolution, his music has shifted through varying modes of ambient IDM and experimental industrial to incorporate more organic sounds and adopting an almost post-rock sensibility on 2009’s Where Once Were Exit Wounds. With his latest album, All Standing Room in the Goodnight Saloon, Young takes his sound further yet into a refined balance of audio textures.

Beginning with a shimmering acoustic guitar arpeggio that fades us into a rhythmic tapestry of chilled ambience befitting a wintery landscape, evoked further by the album’s sparse frost-laden artwork, “Waxing” sets the mood for the album rather nicely. “Sealed Envelope” follows with the acoustics reversed to create a slithering steely effect that in conjunction with the thrum of the bass makes for an insipid counterpoint offset by the somber melody and the infectious breakbeat midway through the song. Then the much more danceable beats of “The In Road,” complete with some insidious vocals from Attirtion’s Martin Bowes, and “Let Me Sleep (Somewhere)” arrive to pick up the pace and take the album into other musical terrain with stuttering trancelike synth effects and chorales returning us to more electronic foundations, even with the howling guitar effects that dominate the main theme of “This Town” reminding of the post-rock predilections of the previous album. With swelling pads and skittering electro rhythms reminiscent of early Autechre in “Some Subtle Inebriation,” we take another stylistic turn, further demonstrated by the slower tempo and introspective themes of “Alleine in der Dunkelheit,” complete with a sullen cello-like drone, before returning again to a head-bopping mélange of squelching synth and percussion.

Unfortunately, for all of its fine production values combining organic warmth with digital chill, All Standing Room in the Goodnight Saloon presents some interesting problems in composition. The first three tracks sound so remarkably similar to each other in structure and construction that if not for Claus Larsen’s grating vocals in “Conquer This Perception” to offset it, one could easily mistake them for remixes of each other. The root key does not deviate for the first eight tracks, and as the crystalline piano melodies remain ever present in Autoclav1.1’s music, one might be inclined to ask if Tony Young is losing his steam and repeating himself just a tad. Had more attention been paid to the differences in key and style present in the final three tracks, All Standing Room in the Goodnight Saloon might have risen above the conventions of even Autoclav1.1’s established sound and easily counted as another masterpiece.
Track list:

  1. Waxing
  2. Sealed Envelope
  3. Conquer This Perception
  4. The In Road
  5. Saturday’s Steps
  6. Let Me Sleep (Somewhere)
  7. There’s No More Isolation
  8. This Town
  9. Some Subtle Inebriation
  10. Alleine in der Dunkelheit
  11. This is for Love

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