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Author & Punisher - Pressure MineAuthor & Punisher
Category: Industrial / Experimental
Album: Pressure Mine
Stars: 3
Blurb: Author & Punisher offers a creative dichotomy of progression through regression, stripping back the layers of distortion and mechanized noise in favor of a more refined, minimalist approach that returns to a purer, less polished style.


Author & Punisher has over more than a decade become recognized as one of the most musically and technically innovative acts in modern music. With the sludgy rhythms and distorted atmospheres of doom metal presented by way of self constructed mechanical devices that defy conventional instrumentation, Author & Punisher’s Tristan Shone creates an industrialized brand of doom metal that has earned him a diverse audience and no small amount of critical acclaim. His last full-length album, Melk En Honing saw the artist moving into a greater, more refined stage of his development, with songs that were as sonically challenging as they were melodic, embraced by both the industrial and metal scenes. Now with Pressure Mine, Shone embraces a more minimalist production style that allows his compositional strengths to take center stage.

The appropriately titled “Enter This” begins the proceedings with a sustained ambient chord progression that erupts into a mechanical rhythm topped off by a distorted bass and a twangy synth arpeggio. Though never one to feign an advanced vocal prowess, the stripping away of the usual distortions that adorn Shone’s vocals reveal a more vulnerable emotional core that actually adds another layer of thematic complexity to the song, which resonates throughout Pressure Mine. Oh, they are certainly present to some extent on “Nazarene,” which along its menacing bass line and eerie chorus makes the track one of the EP’s heaviest most instantly striking. But on tracks like “Pressure Lover” with its slow and insistent tempo and atonal melodic refrain and twinkles of descending pianos, as well as “Black Wand” and “New World” on which throaty synth warbles and metallic clangs give rise to harrowing choruses of simple yet eerie pads, Shone’s limitations as a singer may be laid bare, but his wispy, perhaps even fatigued vocals fill the audio space with a lyrical and thematic weight that no amount of noisy distortion could convey.

Once again opting for the self produced approach that defined Shone’s work up until Melk En Honing, Pressure Mine exhibits a rather interesting creative dichotomy, that of progression through regression. By stripping things down and returning to a purer, less polished style, we see and hear Author & Punisher applying the lessons learned from previous evolutions to the basics that defined the project in the first place. Pressure Mine may not be Author & Punisher’s finest work, and it may or may not be an indication of what is to come, but after the monolithic last album, it’s refreshing to hear Shone focusing on songwriting and continuing to make creative music in a creative way.
Track list:

  1. Enter This
  2. Pressure Lover
  3. Nazarene
  4. New World
  5. Black Wand

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