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Category: Ambient / Experimental
Album: Black Pyramid
Stars: 4.5
Blurb: AUN takes the yawn out of ambient drones with Black Pyramid, a dark masterpiece of imagination.


Roughly inspired by the strange and beautiful sci-fi/fantasy worlds of French artist, writer, and director Enki Bilal, AUN’s Black Pyramid is an album of drones and tones that kidnaps the imagination and takes it on a fantastic journey.

The cover art features a floating pyramid, much like the poster for Bilal’s 2004 film Immortel (Ad Vitam), and it is easy to imagine the album as the soundtrack for that pyramid’s slow voyage over a post-apocalyptic dystopian landscape. Melodic and haunting, the music is slow and intense but ultimately detached from the scene it illuminates. “See how it is,” it declares, making no judgment. As buildings burn, criminals flourish in a lawless land, and deserts reclaim the once pristine manmade havens, the silent structure glides steady overhead. Amidst the chaos and droning melodies, there is a sound effect like random electrical discharge being released from the base of the pyramid, gently caressing and scorching all it touches.

Like aural psychedelia, Black Pyramid’s harmonic variation lends itself perfectly to a vivid mind trip. Electronic effects, muffled percussion, and droning electric guitars blend and weave between the eardrums in such a way that the nearly 48 minutes of sound simply soar by, leaving the listener breathless with a dreamlike memory of a dark and stunning wasteland. Simply put, this is how it is done.
Track list:

  1. Phoenix
  2. Taurus Ten
  3. Black Pyramid
  4. Ursa Major
  5. 2095
  6. Ursa Minor
  7. Shining

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