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Attention System
Category: Electronica / Alternative Rock
Album: Wait for My Signal
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: Attention System’s debut is a sleek, professional offering that melds alternative, electronics, and dance beats.


Attention System is a new band on the rise from Atlanta, GA. Their debut full length album, Wait for My Signal easily qualifies as one of the most upbeat rock records this writer has heard in years. A quintet consisting of Brian Fisher, Joshua Broughton, Jonathan Davis (no affiliation with KoRn), Chris Bass, and Jason Curtis, Attention System concocts a radio friendly mix of guitar and drum-driven rock with plenty of electronic dance ingredients.

The band cites a huge number of electronic and rock influences, including a large swath from the industrial and punk music scenes. However, where many young bands mimic or imitate their musical heroes, Attention System has decidedly gone in a different direction and their aural characteristics, including a very clean mix, have much more in common with bands like Franz Ferdinand than such progenitors as Cop Shoot Cop or Big Black.

While the music on Wait for My Signal is certainly buoyant and cheerful, it’s difficult to describe the band’s total presentation with those terms. Lyrically, Attention System’s songs are thoughtful, at times catchy, but also noticeably dark. This juxtaposition of bright animated music and vocal delivery combined with subtly disturbing storytelling produces an agreeable result.

On the other end, Wait for My Signal often feels too much like a corporate rock record and doesn’t reflect very well the band’s indie origins or cultural inspirations. The music is a little too accessible, and any element of danger or sincerity that marked many of their influences seems to be missing or shrouded in the layers of the convivial performance . In a number of ways, they are to industrial and underground rock what Blink 182 was to punk. Certainly a strong recording, but can only be recommended for people who enjoy the styles of bands like Linkin Park, Adema, or those looking for a lighter change of pace.
Track list:

  1. Resistant Transistor
  2. Now’s Your Time
  3. Siren’s City
  4. Bot Killer
  5. Drastic Measures
  6. Miss Machine
  7. Alibi (For a Paranoid Existence)
  8. The Curious Times
  9. Radio Silence
  10. Die Trying
  11. Nothing in My Head
  12. Intruder

Attention System Website http://www.attnsystm.com
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Attention System Twitter http://twitter.com/attentionsystem
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