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Atomic Neon - The Other EPAtomic Neon
Category: Coldwave / Industrial Rock
Album: The Other EP
Stars: 2.5
Blurb: Melancholy melodies, deep bass, dreary guitars, wailing vocals, and the over arching feeling of despair builds this project that never really gets out of first gear.


Atomic Neon was formed in 2007 and has been flooding its fan base with the cold engulfing sound of sadness ever since. The Other EP is certainly no different as the guitars are rife with ‘80s retro vibe mixed with a penchant for dreary melodies. The pianos are dark and moody as are the electronics. Deep bass lines also creep around with the vocal wails and drums making the overall music package one full of dark, melancholic emotion. The Other EP slowly steps through with title track, “The Other,” where the bass line bounces off of the guitar backed by the cymbals crashing like waves in the distance. “Death” has a retro guitar styling that matches well with its vocals; vocals that seem to build to a chorus that never happens verbally, as becomes the case on later tracks. “Restricted (Joy Division Homage)” lives up to its namesake and is one of the more standout performances on the project, also picking up the pace with the drums, guitars, and vocals, plus a catchy riff and chorus to go with it. Like some of its predecessors, “The Love” suffers from an instrumental and vocal build that pushes for a climax that never happens as the track remains in its build for its entire duration. At the end of The Other EP sits the Plastic RMX of “Without You” by C.B.-R, a fantastically electronic track with super catchy synths and the pickup in vocal emotion that many of the other tracks were missing, not to mention the drums and bass scream for the dance floor as it all comes together to give the album a nice cap off. Atomic Neon’s style of creating somber environments and feelings with music is well intact. However, the buildups throughout the tracks that often go nowhere hurts the overall project, especially vocally. Only hardcore fans are going to want to have The Other EP in their collections, while everyone else will most likely pass on this one to wait for a more polished project from Atomic Neon.
Track list:

  1. The Other
  2. Death
  3. Restricted (Joy Division Homage)
  4. The Love
  5. The Widow
  6. Just That!
  7. Without You (Plastic RMX by Charly Barth-Ricklefs)

Atomic Neon Website http://www.atomicneon.de
Atomic Neon MySpace http://www.myspace.com/atomicneon
Atomic Neon Facebook https://www.facebook.com/theatomicneon
Ovis Terrell Ross (TreverAeonIO)

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