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Assemblage 23 - EndureAssemblage 23
Category: Electro / Industrial / Synthpop
Album: Endure
Stars: 5
Blurb: Assemblage 23 has come out with quite possibly one of the most ingenious compilation of songs and remixes that the project has ever released in collaboration with some very talented creative minds.


The deluxe edition of Endure is undeniably a groundbreaking tour de force for Assemblage 23 and the artists involved. Tom Shear has taken on unprecedented approaches with the artistic direction of the album’s production and created new soundscapes and rhythms while still keeping that fierce edge that his music is known and loved for. Musically, everything just sounds superior and full of energy. The remixes included in the deluxe edition are also impressively engineered and mixed down to audio and dance floor perfection. Shear carefully picked respected artists within and outside of the electro/industrial genres to remix these tracks and give them unique twists and takes.

Endure is full of power-packed songs that remarkably cater to the musical tastes of Assemblage 23 fans and new listeners alike. Tunes like the dance floor worthy “Afterglow” with its climactic riffs and driving rhythms, “Salt the Earth” and its heavy breakbeat assault, and “Grid” and “Butterfly Effect” with their fast, heavy beats and haunting sequences are like the backbone of the album and give it its rawer electronic body music edge. The album is charged with emotional content as well. Tracks like “Call the Dawn” transmit an uplifting and encouraging tone with themes about inner strength and perseverance, while songs like “Barren” and “December” hit more intense nerves with a more primal and striking tone. As an extra treat (because that’s what it is), Shear added two bonus tracks – “Goliath” with has a powerful rhythm and captivating melody, and “Ignorance,” a carnival of sound and arpeggiation with a Euro synthpop feel. The remixes included are also nothing short of exceptional. The Rain Within’s remix of “Afterglow” brings a flawless darkwave style to the track. The Bravery remix by Interface and “Salt the Earth”’s rework by Angeltheory add a mesmerizing and more rapid aggrotech vibe. Neuroticfish’s superb rework of “December” is also a real delight with Sascha Mario Klein adding his signature touches to the track. Solitary Experiments’ version of “Bravery” infuses a fierce club hit energy that inspires constant motion, which is delightfully common in the band’s music, while Mr. Kitty’s flowing and masterful take on “Ignorance” gives the track a solid progressive electronic dance touch. Now, one can really appreciate the shift in artistic direction with the magnificent remake of “December” by Stereospread, which is undeniably the most unique song in the whole deluxe collection. The orchestral and piano accompaniment along with the lush edit of Shear’s vocals give the track a masterful and imaginative indietronic effect that creates a dramatic, heart-racing sensation throughout the rendition.

Shear has outdone himself as far as the experimental heights that he’s scaled, guiding the production of Endure towards more adventurous dimensions than any other Assemblage 23 release. The album is a strong unification of intelligent and creative approaches that explore the boundaries of some different musical genres and styles while staying true to the project’s electro/industrial foundations, and that is one of the main elements that makes Endure one of Shear’s most masterfully crafted inspirations, and the deluxe edition an absolute must for avid music collectors. One can only imagine what he will come up with in the future with his inspirations, but until the next album comes along, Shear has given Assemblage 23 lovers a lot of fantastic and timeless material to enjoy.
Track list:

  1. Endure
  2. Afterglow
  3. Bravery
  4. Salt the Earth
  5. Static
  6. Call the Dawn
  7. Butterfly Effect
  8. Barren
  9. Grid
  10. December
  11. Afterglow [The Rain Within Remix]
  12. Bravery [Interface Remix]
  13. December [Neurotichfish Remix]
  14. Ignorance
  15. Salt the Earth [Angeltheory Remix]
  16. December [Stereospread Remix]
  17. Bravery [Solitary Experiments Remix]
  18. Goliath
  19. Ignorance [Mr. Kitty Remix]

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