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Artifex - Suspension of DisbeliefArtifex
Category: Alt. Rock / Electro
Album: Suspension of Disbelief
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: As catchy as the most standard of alt. and pop rock but with all the artistry and force of more adventurous fare.


Italy’s Artifex stands as a conceptual bridge between genres, experimenting with the hallmarks of styles that are seemingly so disparate that they should not work together… but on the band’s latest offering, Suspension of Disbelief, those elements do indeed work. Equal parts alternative and industrial rock with traces of progressive experimentation and pop appeal, the album does well to almost stand in a class all its own.

“Free Will” begins the proceedings with a pulsating synth underscoring a powerful and dark riff and rhythm that could easily appeal to the modern alt. rock crowd. Antonio Olivo’s vocals enter melodic and catchy with an almost reggae-esque quality that erupts into an impassioned wail in the chorus. All the while, the production subtly integrates layers of well programmed electronics with the standard rock elements of guitar, bass, and drums, making for a familiar yet singular sound that skates the edge between alternative and industrial rock. The rest of the album follows suit, with the piano and symphonic atmosphere of “You n’ Me” creating a lush and celestial ballad as subtle stabs of electronics augment the track as it builds in intensity, while the shifting time signatures of “No Gravity” coupled with the caustic yet organic textures of synth and guitar and the effectively processed vocals evoke the likes of Porcupine Tree or latter day King Crimson. This, perhaps, makes it no surprise that Pat Mastelotto – percussionist for King Crimson and Tuner – appears on “Witness of Transition,” building from a soundscape of rhythmic strums and chatter into a forceful, heavy, and electrified prog rock track. Similarly, “Electric Lights,” which features Rockets’ Fabrice Quagliotti, begins as a somber helping of electro-pop as twinkling sequences intersect and heighten to an explosively catchy chorus of melodic alt. rock bliss, while “My Distress” features an ominous yet tasteful vocoder verse and a wonderful array of tribal-esque toms before engaging in a rather danceable chorus.

It can’t be said that Artifex are breaking new ground with Suspension of Disbelief, but credit must be given to the band for effectively demonstrating an exploratory spirit that touches on the foundations of progressive and industrial music. In doing so, the band has tapped into a sound that few have the imagination to attempt, let alone comprehend. For this, as well as the excellent displays of musicianship and production, creating a style that is as catchy as the most standard of alt. and pop rock acts but with all the artistry and force of more adventurous fare.
Track list:

  1. Free Will
  2. My Distress
  3. No Gravity
  4. Suspension
  5. You n’ Me
  6. Electric Lights (feat. Fabrice Quagliotti)
  7. Quench My Thirst
  8. Disbelief
  9. Witness of Transition (feat. Pat Mastelotto)

Artifex Website http://www.artifexband.com
Artifex MySpace http://www.myspace.com/artifexspace
Artifex Facebook https://www.facebook.com/artifexband
Artifex ReverbNation http://www.reverbnation.com/artifex
Artifex SoundCloud http://www.soundcloud.com/artifexband
Artifex Bandcamp http://www.artifexband.bandcamp.com
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