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Arpetrio - TriggologyArpetrio
Category: Electronic
Album: Triggology
Stars: 3
Blurb: Charming bleeps and simplistic melodies make up this enjoyable if insubstantial release.


There are bands that manage to sell you on their enthusiasm and passion for composing and performing music even if their effort doesn’t translate into immediate genre classics. With their Triggology EP, Nashville based act Arpetrio introduces live jams outside of the scene lights and these five tracks are perfectly serviceable if unsurprisingly lightweight slices of cheer up electronica.

Competent is the name of the game on Triggology, and the guys behind Arpetrio are never anything but confident about what they embarked to create. The music, which you could imagine began as free flowing live improvisations, employs several facets of acoustic and digital craft that comes together in a coherent yet uncomplicated manner. “Suit Up” has simplistic, intertwined melodies and a decent hook that suggests that if the band strived for a more refined sound, they could easily elevate their material beyond its current status. The track builds up pleasantly towards its guitar driven conclusion, but it ultimately feels half cooked, somewhere north of beeping electro and inoffensive, like a subpar video game score. The technical value is quite impeccable but beyond its cheerful nature and easily digestible melody, there’s little to keep you focused on the music at hand. This notion is somewhat remedied by the guest vocal work on “Sirens” and “Triggology,” albeit feeling like an afterthought rather than a deliberate, integral element. However, once Arpetrio escapes the notion of lounge music arranged from mild notes and marketability without any clear identity, Triggology becomes a showcase of fully developed, conscious musicians.

On “Sirens,” the rhythm changes unpredictably and as the song begins to, in turns, speed up and ponder its glitchy beats and pulsating female vocal, it clearly hints at Arpetrio’s proficiency. The track runs too long for a successful, memorable hook to be established, but at the very least, several moments of entrancing music are there to be discovered and enjoyed. “Triggology” is a tad more straightforward, arranged very much around, and in favor of, the hip-hop vocals. If both songs were trimmed and condensed, Arpetrio would end up with mild, potential hits. Since Arpetrio appears to benefit from its live aptitude and the music on this EP tries to capture the energy of an onstage improvisation and execution, it’s ultimately the tracks like “Destructive Interference” that define Triggology. Swaying from ambient through electro, angry guitars all the way to jazz, it’s this particular effort that makes this writer consider Arpetrio as a band as spiritually close to i.e. Daft Punk as they are distinctly indie fuelled by some long harbored love for both classic electronic music and contemporary alternative rock.

Arpetrio is a band built by talented and passionate musicians and that is apparent because the overall technical and musical appeal of Triggology is well above average. While this EP fails to establish them as an act capable of crafting immediately catchy tunes, they come across as both gifted and promising if still slightly unfocused.
Track list:

  1. Suit Up
  2. Sirens (feat. Sparz and Jess)
  3. Destructive Interference
  4. Triggology (feat Phantazm and Jess)
  5. Barcodes (New Planet Remix)

Arpetrio Website http://arpetrio.com
Arpetrio Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Arpetrio
Arpetrio Twitter http://ja.twitter.com/Arpetrio
Arpetrio ReverbNation http://www.reverbnation.com/arpetrio
Arpetrio SoundCloud http://soundcloud.com/arpetrio
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