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Army of the Universe - Until the EndArmy of the Universe
Category: Industrial / Electro
Album: Until the End
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: A brief but powerful teaser for the upcoming sophomore album from this hot band on the rise.


Italy’s Army of the Universe made quite a splash in 2011 with the incendiary Mother Ignorance debut, an album that signaled the band as a powerful new force in industrial rock. Full of glitch-laden trancelike textures coupled with acidic guitars, and topped off by smarmy and sensual vocals, the trio of Albert Vorne, Lord K, and Davide Tavecchia – along with producer Chris Vrenna – toured with KMFDM that year, making for an auspicious introduction to the underground music scene. Following up that success is no small task, with the Kill the F* DJ single released in the summer of 2012, and now the Until the End single to precede the upcoming sophomore album. With The Birthday Massacre’s Chibi providing a slithery accompaniment to Lord K’s breathy and sinister melodies, the song’s crunchy electronics and pulsing disco beat offer just the right mix of groovy catchiness and edgy production to stand up to repeated listens. The remix emphasizes the song’s lush dance floor qualities – and Chibi’s voice – suitable to Vorne’s prestige as a techno and trance producer, though it might be a bit too simplistic for those who appreciate the grittier aspects of the band’s sound; at the very least, it will surely find its way onto many a DJ’s set list. Like Kill the F* DJ, two additional songs are presented with “Break the Walls” standing as one of the band’s most impressively loud tracks as a stabbing synth loop and a chugging bass and rhythm makes for an organic and aggressive song. “The Weight of the World” is a much more restrained though no less atmospheric effort as clunky industrial percussion meshes with a throbbing subsonic bass and sparse attacks of guitar and pads, Lord K’s vocals alluring and drawing the listener in. At just under 16 minutes long, Until the End is just a mere taste of what Army of the Universe has up its sleeve for the next album, though if the three new songs are any indication, it is sure to be a fine entry in the band’s growing discography.
Track list:

  1. Until the End (feat. Chibi)
  2. Break the Walls
  3. The Weight of the World
  4. Until the End (Albert Vorne Remix)

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