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Army of the Universe - Mother IgnoranceArmy of the Universe
Category: Electro / Rock / Industrial
Album: Mother Ignorance
Stars: 4
Blurb: Sexually charged ambience with danceable rhythms reminiscent of the ‘80s infused with aggressive industrial rock power, making for an impressive debut from a hot new band.


Milan, Italy’s Army of the Universe certainly turned a few heads with the release of the Lovedead EP, featuring four songs and some unfortunately tepid remixes hinting at the band’s aggressively sultry and sensually atmospheric mix of industrial rock and new wave. With the full-length debut, Mother Ignorance, audiences can expect more of what those songs offered, solidifying Army of the Universe as one of the hottest new acts to emerge from the electro/industrial underground in 2011.

Beginning with the chilling title track, listeners are thrust into a raucous mix of danceable beats, gritty analog synthesizers complemented by scathing guitars, topped off by Lord K’s powerful and passionate vocals. The tracks from the Lovedead EP are presented here, from the pulsating new wave ambience of “Resin” and the bouncy electro/rock of “Dust in the Universe” and “Hollywood Drama,” all working well to enhance the mood of the album as a whole. Further exemplifying the band’s coldly erotic predilections is “Cold in Heaven” with a distorted acoustic guitar thrumming into a despairing chorus, as well as the subtly mixed wah-wah guitars and head-bopping rhythms of “8 Flowers” lending a bluesy vibe, while Lord K’s breathy vocal harmonization serves to enhance the slinky pole-dance-worthy quality of the track. On the other end of the spectrum, Trebla’s trancelike tones playing atop sullen industrial beats on “Broken Porcelain” create a creepily enticing mood, while the distorted grooves and bright arpeggios of “Table in Hell” make for one of the album’s most inviting and melodic moments reminiscent of the best synthpop acts of the ‘80s. However, perhaps the finest moment on Mother Ignorance comes in the form of “Good Nite.” With a powerfully infectious beat and bass line coupled with grinding guitars playing amid twinkling melodies, this is quite simply an impressive song. As well, while some might be put off by it, the rather faithful cover of Björk’s “Army of Me” lends well to the group with a mix of entrancing, analog synths with a venomous, classic breakbeat while Lord K’s more reserved vocal approach works for the song’s allure.

With the renowned Chris Vrenna aiding as producer and percussionist, Army of the Universe presents a fantastically individual sound and style on Mother Ignorance that sets them apart from their peers in the scene. Granted, the lyrics tend to be less than stellar in some instances, particularly on the otherwise brutal and groovy “Retarded,” but this can be forgiven as it is the band’s debut; there are bound to be some misfires to allow room for improvement. Nonetheless, with so finely crafted an album, as well as opening for KMFDM during the summer of 2011, Army of the Universe is a band to look out for, forging a darkly sinister path for a prosperous future.
Track list:

  1. Mother Ignorance
  2. Lovedead
  3. Good Night
  4. Resin
  5. Army of Me
  6. Cold in Heaven
  7. Hollywood Drama
  8. 8 Flowers
  9. Quantisize
  10. Dust in the Universe
  11. Broken Porcelain
  12. Table in Hell
  13. Retarded
  14. Slower

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  1. This band is AwEsOmE! I would highly recommend, not only buying their Album but going out and seeing them live when they are touring. They have a new album in the works and a new video soon. SoOooO ExCiTeD!


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