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Army of the Universe - Lovedead EPArmy of the Universe
Category: Electro / Rock / Industrial
Album: Lovedead EP
Stars: 2.5
Blurb: A teaser EP for a hot new act whose remixes unfortunately bring down the whole experience.


Most bands require two or three albums to establish an individual identity and create a sound that enables them to stand out among their peers. Milan, Italy’s Army of the Universe somehow manages to achieve this right from the onset with the Lovedead EP. Acting as a precursor to the Mother Ignorance album, the EP features four tracks from the album, along with some remixes to lend a bit of variety to the proceedings and amp up audiences for the band’s eclectic mix of ‘80s style electro/dance and industrial rock textures. Founded by Trebla and Lord K, Army of the Universe are blessed with the production and percussion of Chris Vrenna, who brings his crisp, clean, and caustic sound in fine form to augment the band’s simultaneously abrasive and alluring sonic attack. Traces of Trebla’s days as a prominent trance DJ can most certainly heard in the pulsating rhythms and scathing bass lines of “Dust in the Universe” and the swirling ambiences of “Resin,” both balancing new wave melodies and danceable grooves with grinding guitars that could so easily dominate the mix, but thankfully stay just within the realm of taste. As well, the guitars enhance the simplicity of the bouncy hip-hop cadences of “Hollywood Drama,” almost compensating for the sparseness of the synths, while the beats and vocals are free to follow their own energy. Lord K’s vocals are as punchy as they are sultry, melodic at their best as in the despairing chorus of “Resin” and the guttural and raspy verses of “Hollywood Drama.” Of course, it is perhaps on the opening title track where he is at his most seductive, breathily harmonizing with himself to add to the song’s decrepit atmosphere befitting the aftermath of a drugged out orgy. From these four songs alone, the excitement level for a full album’s worth of this uniquely gritty and sexy mix certainly runs high… that is, until the remixes. Evil Nine’s remix of “Lovedead,” for all of its cheesy house beat and bright arpeggios, only serves to diminish the song and thus the whole EP’s energy, not aided by the presence of a full version and a radio edit. T. Raumschmiere’s dub mix of the song is slightly more on par with the band’s style, opting for a slower rhythm, hints of wobbly bass, and choppy guitar licks, while Bobermann’s remix of “Resin” offers a suitably dark, softly danceable take on the song that is just a bit more ominous if shorter than the original version. All in all, the Lovedead EP is a fine introduction for one of the year’s hottest new acts, teasing sensuously as to what the full-length album holds in store for the audience. Alas, had a better selection of remixes been included, the EP could have stood on its own to act less like a sampler and more like a complement. As it stands, it’s perhaps better to simply wait for Mother Ignorance.
Track list:

  1. Lovedead
  2. Resin
  3. Dust in the Universe
  4. Hollywood Drama
  5. Lovedead (Evil Nine Radio Edit)
  6. Lovedead (Evil Nine Remix)
  7. Lovedead (T. Raumschmiere Dub)
  8. Resin (Bobermann Remix)

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