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Armless Alice - Postmortem SuperstarsArmless Alice
Category: Industrial Metal
Album: Postmortem Superstars
Stars: 2
Blurb: Personality is there, viciousness is there, catchiness is there, creativity is there, but the technical issues hurt this one tremendously.


Industrial metal from Sweden is the best way to describe Armless Alice and with Postmortem Superstars, the act seems to be channeling Marilyn Manson. Similarities aside, there is plenty to like here with Armless Alice; however, that like is a double-edged sword as the album has extremely unbalanced sound. From vocals to guitars and electronics, the sound levels are terribly off and it makes the entire project difficult to enjoy. The vocals are dark, loud, and charismatic, the guitars are heavy, and the electronics erratic, giving Postmortem Superstars a little bit to boast and giving the listener some enjoyable qualities.

Opening track “The Grinder” is a random and awkward composition of heavily distorted drum kicks and static sound bytes that one can’t help but think the album would be better off without as it takes away more than it gives. “Greater Than Violence” could almost be mistaken for Marilyn Manson’s “1996” or “Irresponsible Hate Anthem,” but with a huge dip in guitar and vocal balance, this makes an otherwise enjoyable industrial metal track a difficult listen. “All God’s Children Go to Heaven” has a catchy electronic opening and its bass guitar matches it with further catchiness, making a really strong track that you’ll easily be able to sing along to. “Posthumous (Black Orchids)” plods along slowly and suddenly breaks into a loud and heavy chorus that would connect so much better if the instrumentation was balanced as the track has a nice quality to it that is barely noticeable due to the shortcomings of the production. Grungy guitars control “Ashes to Grow” and the rest of the track follows suit, which gives it a fuzzy, heavy composition, as does “Song for the Dead,” which features the same qualities, but the vocal imbalance is much more obvious and detrimental here. “Atom Eye” has a slow and ominous bass line that practically stalks you throughout the song and drones on until its end.

It would be dishonest to say that there isn’t some quality to what Armless Alice has here with Postmortem Superstars, but it would also be dishonest to try and convince you that the album doesn’t have its problems. The vocals and guitars are both catchy in many spots, but because of the leveling issue, they seem to fight for your attention rather than work together and the electronics get lost in translation because of it. If Armless Alice took Postmortem Superstars back into the studio and remastered it, fixing its imbalances, you would end up with a decent, charismatic project. However, in its current state, it will be difficult to enjoy.
Track list:

  1. The Grinder
  2. Greater than Violence
  3. All God’s Children Go to Heaven
  4. Posthumous (Black Orchids)
  5. Ashes to Grow
  6. Song for the Dead
  7. Atom Eye

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