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Architect - MineArchitect
Category: Ambient / Electronic / IDM
Album: Mine
Stars: 5
Blurb: Daniel Myer once again asserts himself as the iconic electronic mastermind we know him as with the immersive, mind-blowing alternate reality in Mine.


Weaponizing sounds since the early ‘90s, Daniel Myer has made quite a name for himself. From the sweeping metallic grinds in the influential Haujobb to the cinematic electro allures in Destroid to heavily industrialized sceneries where machines fight for control in Architect, not to mention having lent a hand sculpting Covenant’s sound for several years, Myer has never ceased to be an active force, multiple steps ahead of most, breaking new ground, and consistently unleashing remarkable work in the ever-changing electronic music scene. The ambitious Mine is no exception and perhaps best exemplifies those notions. Gorgeous and evolved in almost every way, this German electronic genius’ latest endeavor proves to be breathtakingly unique and mature, enveloping listeners with vivid soundscapes while toying with the curtain that separates light from dark.

Starting with the glitchy mourns and celestial pounds in “Altitude” to the raspy android whispers via Black Nail Cabaret’s Emese Arvai-Illes in the bleak “Closer” to the mid-tempo tribal buzzes in the thriving future known as “Neverending,” it immediately becomes known of the new direction taken with Architect. Prevailing over the chaotic and mechanical worlds of previous inhabitance not only welcomes the addition of passionate, ghostly female vocals, but also brings an amalgam of talent, including HECQ’s Ben Lukas Boysen, prominent sound engineer Paul Kendall, and Felix Gerlach with his surreal string arrangements.

The addictive industrial floor wrecking beast in “Freaks” appeases admirers of Consume Adapt Create and earlier works, “Immaterial” pulls back the tempo, further displaying Arvai-Illes’ gospel-like vocals weaved with meditative palpitations and acoustic guitar touches, while the pensive “Bencq” projects a dystopian landscape with small bursts of hope reminiscent of Blade Runner. “The Sun” takes listeners away with Myer’s imposing signature bass blasts guided by seductive demands before “Set My World on Fire” approaches the experimentalist side of his personality where submerged nightmarish decrees hold ethereal exhorts hostage in an otherworldly environment. Words are warped to soothing effect in “The Mountain Top,” fading in and out and sporadically erupting into various tones in harmony with busy structures, while the haunting “Hummingbird” strikes nerves with confounding tonal oscillations in an atmosphere bordering on horror; Emese Arvai-Illes’ dramatic contralto brightly shines here and throughout, bringing a disparate emotional depth to the sound of Architect that has remained foreign until now. The album concludes with a chilling variant of “Altitude” featuring Comaduster, which serves as the final stroke of color to complete Myer’s masterfully crafted sonic mosaic.

Easily a contender for being one of the most enthralling electronic albums of 2013, Mine breathes new life into its respective genres by treading into uncharted realms and examining the compelling architecture and entities that reside there with expert precision and an undeniably heightened sense of wonder. More in control and valiant than ever, Daniel Myer eclipses his self-created bar, drowning listeners in an ocean of audio elegance.
Track list:

  1. Altitude
  2. Closer
  3. Neverending
  4. Freaks
  5. Immaterial
  6. Bencq
  7. The Sun
  8. Set My World on Fire
  9. The Mountain Top
  10. Hummingbird
  11. Altitude (feat. Comaduster)

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