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Architect - Mine Remixes Pt. 1Architect
Category: Ambient / Electronic / IDM
Album: Mine Remixes Pt. 1
Stars: 4
Blurb: Elaborating on the original’s poignant vocals and immersive ambience, this first set of remixes is an absolute must own.


Quite possibly living up to his alias more than ever before, Daniel Myer took his solo project Architect through a completely unforeseen transformation with 2013’s Mine. He not only branched out into moving pathos and atypical instrumentation, but also introduced heavy vocalization with the bold infusion of Black Nail Cabaret’s Emese Árvai-Illés’ utterly wistful and eloquent contralto. His palette definitely changed as the standard glitchy IDM and pummeling drum & bass were merely peppered elements on a much larger canvas that illustrated and further extended his vast sonic capacity. Subsequently, it’s only logical that such a feat would usher in a string of remixes. Elaborating on the lush ambience, entrancing beats, and high level of care, Mine Remixes Pt. 1 captures the aesthetic of the original with a few interesting surprises and allure from reflective downtime to the dance floor.

Robotic moans, faint glitchy debris, luring palpitations, piano and cello breaks, and Árvai-Illés’ morphing vocals show Jo Beschil’s take of “Closer” equally sensual as its predecessor, but with more of an addictive, club-ready flair, thus making its seven minute runtime seem almost ephemeral. Reworks by The Walton Hoax and Niels Binias complement each other rather well with versions of “Immaterial” and “The Mountain Top” appropriately brimming with meditative wooden percussion, rain drops, and other delicate organic matter that carry listeners into a chimerical realm of tranquility. Perhaps the star here, The Walton Hoax continues to show a propensity for embracing the beauty that lies within Architect’s deep celestial synths and spherical reverberations, which are all interweaved into the group’s own suspenseful rendition of “The Sun.” Fans of the original will notice a slight allusion to “Set My World on Fire” as the warped vocals skitter and even fluctuate to a creeping masculine baritone that aids in culling its darker tapestries.

Neither losing sight nor following the exact blueprint of the original tracks, these crafty European artists have found a conducive middle ground to inject multiple layers of organic warmth and even fringe the ethereal undertones that made Mine wholly intoxicating. With such an implicative title, one can only assume that more treatments are on the horizon, especially when tracks like “Hummingbird,” “Freaks,” and “Neverending” also have endless possibilities for reinterpretation. It will be interesting to see what Architect lines up next, but for now, this gorgeous complementary piece will surely be looped countless times by fans. With a price tag of zero dollars, Myer aptly makes Mine Remixes Pt. 1 yours.
Track list:

  1. Closer (Jo Beschil Remix)
  2. Immaterial (The Walton Hoax Remix)
  3. The Mountain Top (Niels Binias Remix)
  4. The Sun (The Walton Hoax Remix)

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