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Antigen Shift - BrotherhoodAntigen Shift
Category: IDM / Industrial
Album: Brotherhood
Stars: 4.5
Blurb: Martial, ritualistic, danceable, noisy, and adventurous, this latest release from the duo of Nick Thériault and Jairus Khan brings rhythmic industrial to a marvelous apex.


Originally the outlet of Nick Thériault, Antigen Shift began new life as a duo in 2009 with the act being joined onstage by fellow experimental industrial/noise artist Jairus Khan – a.k.a. Ad•ver•sary. Having achieved a level of notoriety for having drawn attention to the extensive racist and sexist imagery employed by several high profile industrial acts, the two artists began working on a new conceptual piece, culminating in this third album from Antigen Shift. Brotherhood marks the pair’s first release together; appropriately titled and taking Antigen Shift into a new level of sonic and musical exploration beyond the distorted atmospheres of the past and incorporating even more rhythmic and melodic elements.

Each track on Brotherhood bristles with intricate rhythmic patterns and intertwining layers of ambient pads and subtle melodic passages, evoking a sense of urgency and scope. Perhaps the best example of this is “Angry Pillbox,” which begins calmly enough as a gradual buildup of upbeat percussive sections, culminating in an almost siren-like underscore to a simple but vibrant breakbeat, the sweeping arpeggios giving rise ton energetic synth solo. In a similar fashion, “Legion” begins with ominous pads and samples shouting “Are you the son of God?” the tempo kicking into high gear with a rapid fire series of chugging guitar riffs and pulsating synths, the tension waxing and waning at regular intervals throughout the song’s seven minute length. Other tracks take a slower though no less intense approach like “Colliding Clusters” with its heightened sense of chilled arctic grooves and sensual breaks, or “So Much Closer Now” with its pervasive waves of distortion atop bouncy synths and cold choir-like pads, the up-pitched vocal samples adding a touch of eeriness that complements the track quite nicely. Arpeggios of chip-tune synths and rolling snare fills give “Console Nation” a quality akin to a video game, while the furious drum & bass beats of “This Is an Exit” and “Godkrusher,” both of which filled with arrangements of darkly melodic refrains and almost guttural distortions, are nothing short of intoxicating.

Indeed, throughout Brotherhood, Thériault and Khan exhibit no small amount of fearlessness, even going so far as to infuse rubbery dubstep textures such as those heard on “Get Off My Lawn,” while the pounding overdriven beats of “Extraction” perhaps bears the closest resemblance to past Antigen Shift material to close the album out on a decidedly tense and noisy apex. With the album conceptually drawing not only on the industrial community and the duo’s partnership, but also on Thériault’s military service, this album represents many of the ingredients that have defined industrial music for decades; Brotherhood is martial, ritualistic, danceable, noisy, adventurous, and above all an excellent album.
Track list:

  1. Forced
  2. The Games We Played as Children
  3. Angry Pillbox
  4. Legion
  5. Godkrusher
  6. Breakaway
  7. Colliding Clusters
  8. Console Nation
  9. This Is an Exit
  10. Get Off My Lawn
  11. Reborn1130
  12. So Much Closer Now
  13. November
  14. Extraction

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