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Anthracitic Moths - ZwölfAnthracitic Moths
Category: EBM / Electro / Industrial
Album: Zwölf
Stars: 2.5
Blurb: Stomp and march militaristic drums combine with harsh vocals and heavy bass to create a rich, wild, dance heavy remix concoction.


Russian industrial act Anthracitic Moths got together one day to name the project and saw a huge moth flying around a lamp, flickering and sparkling in dark electric lights. Thus, the band created Anthracitic Moths and proceeded to release its newest project Zwölf. Zwölf is a remix project of pretty much the same two songs and a bonus track at the end; however, its saving grace is that in most cases the tracks sound almost nothing alike and all the different interpretations actually shine well despite technically being the same songs. Kicking off with the original version of “Biomass,” Zwölf is off on the right track – catchy synths, heavy bass lines, steady dance drums, high tempo, and harsh, chant like vocals giving much to sing along to. You’ll get much of the same with the Wormz 100% Reload of “Shagom Marsh,” which gives you that anthemic chant feeling with its vocals and drums. Some catchy electro bass lines also move this one along nicely.

The Dioxin mix of “Shagom Marsh” is one of the standout remixes as not only does it sound nothing like its parent track, it actually competes with it perfectly, its faster tempo and angrier composition make it sound like an amped up version of the song. Completely out of leftfield is the saucy and rhythmic, house sound of the Pray Project Dub Tune mix, killing off the vocals for a fast paced house style dance beat, deep bass line, and random electronic noises in the background. This one could easily excel as a cut for a video game. The Zweifelhaft mix of “Biomass” kills off the catchy chorus of the original for the most part, but does have high octane bass and electro keys that rage and pulse across the track like a cyber battlefield full of ray guns. The final track of this mash-up is original track “Zwölf,” which stands out here, partially because of subpar remixes and partially because of its wild, outer space synth sounds. Along with its vocals this one makes a nice contribution to the track listing as the remixes can become tedious.
Though by no means a bad project, Zwölf suffers because it goes on far too long, with a few remixes standing out and most others falling a little flat. However, its successes come in the form of the remixes that sound like original, new tracks standing on their own well. The original tracks of “Biomass,” “Shagom Marsh,” and “Zwölf” could have made a compelling EP with maybe two to three of the best remixes leaving you with a quick whetting to your appetite that you could play over and over. Despite this, Anthracitic Moths have a well made sound and style. Surely, once the band puts together the perfect set of tracks, they can make a stellar project.
Track list:

  1. Biomass (Original Version)
  2. Shagom Marsh (Wormz 100% Reload)
  3. Biomass (Refixed by Virgin Fix & Diezel Xzaust)
  4. Shagom Marsh (Dioxin Mix)
  5. Biomass (Zweifelhaft Mix)
  6. Shagom Marsh (Pray Project Dub Tune Mix)
  7. Biomass (Remixed by Cutoff:Sky)
  8. Shagom Marsh (Dj Rentgen Exp. Mix)
  9. Biomass (Remix Tatlum)
  10. Shagom Marsh (Sleetgrout Mix)
  11. Biomass (RSM Mix)
  12. Shagom Marsh (Distorted World Sympho Remix)
  13. Zwölf

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