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Another One for the Fire - Contort EPAnother One for the Fire
Category: Industrial Rock
Album: Contort EP
Stars: 2.5
Blurb: A raw and unpolished EP precursor to this young act’s debut album.


Another One for the Fire, also known as A14F for short, is a young act originally hailing from Pittsburgh, but transposed to New York. Preparing itself for the release of its debut full-length album, Dickless, the precursor EP Contort offers a sizable sampling of what is to come. Previously toying in the world of hip-hop as Cocky da Homo MC, A14F mastermind Qukid Alcabez has boldly leaped into the genre of industrial rock, but unfortunately, didn’t bring as much of the hip-hop attitude or energy to this project.

Seeming to heavily channel some of the work of Marilyn Manson, Contort shows A14F’s bleak, low fidelity industrial rock style mixed with a vocal style that aims to be eerie. Early tracks “Cornerstoned” and “NoØne Likes You” with their exceptionally simple style, poor quality mix, and distressed vocals don’t make a very good first impression. However, as Contort continues, A14F seems to hit its aims. “The Payment” and “Sealing the East” finally gives A14F an opportunity to demonstrate an ability to compose somewhat weightier sounds and the ability to work together some decent hooks. “Jesus Died on the Crossdresser” achieves a strangely hypnotic and engaging sound, but also manages to be a bit annoying as Alcabez toys with vocal ranges. “What About Us (Faggot Anthem)” shows a good grasp of structure by A14F, but the hollow and under-mixed quality just leaves a song that has good potential feeling like a missed opportunity.

A14F shows flashes of real promise and a surprising ability to take some rather simplistic structures and make them memorable. Unfortunately, the rough and simple sound, though likely intentional, doesn’t do the act any favors and ultimately leaves the EP feeling a bit bland. With Qukid Alcabez’s origins in hip-hop, one would have hoped to see that influence bleed into the work to create something a little more unique and interesting, but instead, apart from a few shining moments, Contort comes across as a bit lifeless.
Track list:

  1. Tumah
  2. Cornerstoned
  3. NoØne Likes You
  4. The Payment
  5. Sealing the East
  6. Jesus Died on the Crossdresser
  7. What About Us (Faggot Anthem)
  8. In My Closet
  9. Mzungu’s Coffin
  10. Hatch

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