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Angelzoom - Nothing is Infinite
Category: Electro-pop
Album: Nothing is Infinite
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: A finely crafted balance of excellent composition and emotional brilliance, the likes of which aren’t often heard in the genre.


Since its inception in 2004, Angelzoom has been on a steady rise to the heavens with its ambient blend of dark and trippy electro-pop, touring with the likes of Apocalyptica and Joachim Witt. The solo project of Claudia Uhle, Angelzoom’s music stands above most synthpop artists with an effective mix of melancholy melodies and masterful musicality as demonstrated by her sophomore album, Nothing is Infinite. Beginning with the introductory “Battle Angel Chpt. V,” part of a series of instrumentals whose conceptual entirety is stretched across the album and its corresponding singles, we are plunged into a frigid atmosphere of cold synthesizers and Uhle’s emotive voice performing a cover of Depeche Mode’s “The Things You Said.” While this writer is normally adverse to the notion of starting an album with a cover song, it more than does well to introduce Nothing is Infinite to the listener, with the lush keyboard arpeggios and harmonious vocals of “These Arms of Mine” introducing us to Uhle’s songwriting skills firsthand. The rest of the album follows suit, with “Fragile” balancing cold electronic ambience befitting a wintry landscape with trip-hop beats and subtle layers of acoustic and electric guitars, making for a delicately ghostly track, while “Everyone Cares” moves with a light but danceable rhythm of twinkling synths and uplifting vocal melodies, sounding as lovely as any of the best pop ballads of the last 30 years. “Handsome World” moves with a chord progression and ambient waves of vocal harmonies coupled with airy piano arpeggios in such a way that it could easily pass for an Enya track, while “Runaway” builds to an explosive climax in its final chorus, the drums sounding the most powerful throughout the album as faux-strings build an orchestral backdrop before fading into a wispy bedrock of synthesized atmosphere. The other two entries in the “Battle Angel” series, Chapters I and II are perhaps the best examples of Uhle’s compositional skills, with Chapter I presenting a tapestry of tense martial percussive rhythms juxtaposed with contemplative piano and strings like the soundtrack to an historic war epic, while Chapter II presents more of a gothic romanticism full of somber melody and classical grandeur. Nothing is Infinite is a finely crafted album that proves Angelzoom is not the run-of-the-mill electro-pop act; the fluid mesh of compositional excellence and emotive brilliance make for a standout combination the likes of which are not often heard in the genre. If Claudia Uhle can maintain this level of quality songwriting on future releases, she stands to be recognized as one of the great pop artists of the next generation.
Track list:

  1. Battle Angel Chpt. V
  2. The Things You Said
  3. These Arms of Mine
  4. Runaway
  5. Battle Angel Chpt. I
  6. My Innermost
  7. Hypnotised
  8. Fragile
  9. Everyone Cares
  10. Doomsday (AD.2010)
  11. Handsome World
  12. Battle Angel Chpt. II
  13. Clones
  14. Afterlife (Bonus Track)

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