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Angelspit - Hello My Name IsAngelspit
Category: Electro/Industrial
Album: Hello My Name Is
Stars: 4
Blurb: As catchy as it is disconcerting, as belligerent as it is melodic, the latest album from Angelspit is a full throttle assault on modern society.


The duo of ZooG Von Rock and DestroyX – collectively known as Angelspit – has gradually risen over the course of less than a decade to become one of the most vital and prolific entities in modern music. Equal parts punk, industrial, hip-hop, and electro, this Australian band has crafted a uniquely virulent and caustic sound that with Hello My Name Is goes on a full frontal assault against the corruption and greed so intrinsic to the world today. Full of their signature mixture of glitch-laden textures, drumbeats and synth sequences drenched in battery acid, topped off by aggressive vocals, Angelspit cranks its formula to maximum.

Right from the onset, Hello My Name Is makes its mission clear with the opening track, “Cubicle,” its mocking fingers pointed directly at vacuous corporate drones all too comfortable to live out their lives in servitude. Other tracks follow suit like “Counterfeit” with its stabs of chunky guitar and stomping beats, the lyrics venomously decrying the influence of money, or “Catatonic” with its observations on the numbness of a medicated society backed by a bouncy drum & bass beat and rap style vocals, an atmospheric melodic refrain in the chorus. Perhaps the catchiest song on the album with its rather cute, almost childlike vocal melody, danceable beat, and video game-esque synths is “Defibrillator,” while “Static” marches forcefully with chugs of muted guitar and chants of “You will know us by our trail of static,” acting as a battle cry for Angelspit. Songs like “Vermin,” “Jailbait,” and “Deadly” continue in this vein, hitting hard with overdriven synths and brusque downbeats simply too infectious to not dance to, while “Violence” ends the album on a melancholy, almost jazzy note with its slow rhythm, throbbing bass, and ZooG singing with an rather uncharacteristically impassioned, bluesy tone that belies the inherent psychosis of the lyrics “about loving someone so much that you need to burn them and cover yourself with their ash.”

If one were to compare Hello My Name Is to past Angelspit releases, one would likely be hard pressed to trace any difference in the band’s style. While this is normally a detriment, Angelspit has for almost a decade stood apart with a sound and style entirely their own, eschewing the conventions of any particular genre for a sound that, is in the band’s own words, “Ballistic, electro, punk, fuck you!” Throw into that mix a bit of melody and lyrics that are as aggressively belligerent as they are socially relevant, and Hello My Name Is marks another tour de force from a band that remains vigilant in its mission to challenge to the status quo.
Track list:

  1. Cubicle
  2. Counterfeit
  3. Vermin
  4. Catatonic
  5. Monkey Byte
  6. Defibrillator
  7. Bullet Proof
  8. Static
  9. Jailbait
  10. Deadly
  11. Violence

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