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Angelspit - Carbon BeautyAngelspit
Category: Industrial
Album: Carbon Beauty
Stars: 3
Blurb: A year-and-a-half after releasing their first full-length remix album, Angelspit’s second offering hits like a chaos hammer.


Remix albums tend be rather redundant in this writer’s opinion, with very few songs that actually stick out in memory over the years of listening to electronic music. In 2009, this duo from Sydney, Australia, comprised of DestroyX and Zoog Von Rock, released a deliciously deviant full-length killer called Hideous and Perfect. A year later, they released the first of two companion remix albums. Now, Angelspit offers us the next caustic remix assault, Carbon Beauty. What is offered is substantial – 10 remixes and three new, unreleased tracks. A forewarning: Your ears may bleed.

“Making Money” opens up the can of worms with a remix from none other than Angelspit themselves. This is a much faster paced, less melodic version of the original. The original version works better, to be honest. Although this is a good remix, it’s just not one of the more memorable ones on this album. We move on to the next track, “Cold Hard Cash,” which is reworked twice. These are two of the more solid offerings – the first remix is replicated by Dope Stars Inc. and brings us to a robotic factory of drum & bass, crunchy guitars, and distorted vocals that evoke Front Line Assembly’s soundscapes. Army of the Universe brings its sexy, sultry style to the song for an entirely new spin that can either work or fail hard. AOU does not disappoint with this very groovy, sexually charged gem. “Fuck the Revolution” is also remixed twice to similar effect. Megajive handles the duties on track three but with poor results – this is a very minimal, forgettable track and a perfect example of why most remix albums remain stale. But, mein gott, does 16volt make up for it! The best way to describe the opening two minutes of the song is catchy, with a lot of beats, claps, and even a heart monitor keeping the vibe moving until BOOM! We are blown to dust with wake after wake of nuclear electronics; a standout and a standalone by 16volt. Deathproof reworks “Channel Hell” with some drum & bass elements that are present throughout the entire album. This was another track that just did not work. The same can be said for the Tweaker mix of “Hyperlust.” At the end of the road come “Princess Chaos” from Metafakt, “Ditch the Rest” from Ego Likeness, and the Baal reworking of “Fink,” with Metafakt’s work being the most accessible club track on the album. Ego Likeness does a very admirable job and is quite a deviation from the original work by the caustic duo. The militant take from Baal marches towards a resounding conclusion.

We round out the album with three unreleased tracks. “Glitchbomb” continues the Angelspit trend with in-your-face beats and Zoog taking the forefront on vocals. “Like It Lick It” is a short, heavy hitter with tongue-in-cheek lyrics. Lastly, “Toxic Girl” is a sadistically sick little demon. Please, do yourself a favor and watch the video for this track for imagery can at times make music stand out more. This is the case with “Toxic Girl.” Try finding the uncensored version.

Again, while not being a huge fan of remix albums, this one is a keeper. With only a handful of forgettable moments and reworks by fantastic bands like Army of the Universe and 16volt, this is a remix album worthy to add to your collection.
Track list:

  1. Making Money (Angelspit Remix)
  2. Cold Hard Cash (Dope Stars Inc. Remix)
  3. Fuck the Revolution (Megajive Remix)
  4. Glitchbomb
  5. Cold Hard Cash (Army of the Universe Remix)
  6. Channel Hell (Deathproof Remix)
  7. Hyperlust (Tweaker Remix)
  8. Like It Lick It
  9. Princess Chaos (Metafakt Remix)
  10. Fuck the Revolution (16volt Remix)
  11. Ditch the Rest (Ego Likeness Remix)
  12. Toxic Girl
  13. Fink (Baal Remix)

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Jonathon Hartigan (CiRcuiTrY)
Glitchbomb by Angelspit

Cold Hard Cash (Army of the Universe Remix) by Angelspit

Fuck the Revolution (16 Volt Remix) by Angelspit

Toxic Girl by Angelspit

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