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Angel of Violence - The PromiseAngel of Violence
Category: Industrial / Dark Electro / EBM
Album: The Promise
Stars: 4
Blurb: A powerful single teamed with a group of strong remixes creates a great opportunity to lure in listeners to this new industrial duo.


When people from separate bands team up, the results can usually be disastrous or amazing, with little room for in between. However, Angel of Violence seems to have been able to concoct the latter with The Promise. Sumibraxis of Toothgnasher acts as the voice and master of melody while Lucidstatic acts as what the band labels the chaos, the man who contorts the music into monstrous versions of their original state, coming together to create a beautiful harmony of vicious beat destruction with dark, deep emotional vocal styling. Title track “The Promise” is a powerful piece of work that evokes emotion with its opening screeches and lulls the listener in with the slow, steady drums and electronics like a storm building slowly in the night sky, creating a sense of adventure with every sound and giving itself a large, wide open, epic feel. The Boyss remix of “The Promise” offers a completely different feel to the track, speeding up everything to breakneck speed and giving it a more drum & bass feel; an interesting but strong take on the original. When SINthetik Messiah takes control of “The Promise,” the track becomes an even darker and more sinister composition with aggressive drum kicks and aural pads, creating a haunting experience. Kolanek remixes the song with more of a light groove that is set up perfectly for some slow dance steps with the strings filling in throughout to make it sound more complete. The Goodbye mix by Human Error fashions “The Promise” into a dark ballad of epic gothic proportions as the pads haunt and soar in the background amid electronic beeps and keys – the shortest of the five remixes, but certainly not the least impressive. Angel of Violence has the right idea with The Promise, a single release that shows much of its namesake. The original track has all the electro darkness you’re looking for with heavy melody and deep emotion sprinkled in and each remix reintroduces it over and over seemingly as a new track. This is a single release done with much attention to detail and the full-length will definitely be awaited after hearing it.
Track list:

  1. The Promise
  2. The Promise (Boyss Remix)
  3. The Promise (SINthetik Messiah Remix)
  4. The Promise (Kolanek Remix)
  5. The Promise (Goodbye Mix by Human Error)

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