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Android Lust - Crater Vol. 1Android Lust
Category: Experimental / Ambient / Industrial
Album: Crater Vol. 1
Stars: 4
Blurb: Opting for a more instrumental approach, creating a celestial and even cinematic feel, this latest album is exemplary of Android Lust’s adventurous musical spirit.


Having relocated from the east to the west coast and opting for a style more centered on sound design and atmosphere, the latest outing from Android Lust may take some getting used to for longtime fans. While Crater Vol. 1 presents all of the same elements that have defined the band’s sound, evolving from electro/industrial into more progressive areas of ambience and varied electronic musicianship, there is a discernible shift in focus and tone with this album. This disparity is especially notable in the sparseness of the vocals, which had been up to now a much heralded component of Android Lust, particularly in Shikhee’s ability to not only sing in a diverse range of emotions but to utilize her voice as an instrument as much as the standards of guitar, synth, and percussion. With Crater Vol. 1, the veritable impact on the listener can be felt as palpably as that of a planetary collision exuded by the title and cover image, making for a deliciously lush album that is as melodic and as edgy as the band’s past releases.

“My Kingdom for a God” opens the proceedings with a warbling whirring ambience and a wispy piano melody, the sounds of breathing subtly reverberating amid a mesh of bass and drum pulse that eventually subsides into a celestial mélange that permeates throughout the album. As Crater Vol. 1 progresses, a distinctly cinematic quality can be felt, even as Shikhee’s voice finally arrives on “I Need to Know,” her whispered sensuality complementing the bouncy piano and bass marvelously, fluid synths bubbling atop a glitchy percussive track akin to IDM. The hauntingly rhythmic “From the Other Side” recalls the dissonant jazz of Angelo Badalamenti’s scores for David Lynch’s films, the interlude like buildup of “First Man,” beginning from ascending mechanical atmosphere into a menacing blend of orchestral swells, machine gun percussion, and stabs of distortion recalling the Fragile-era instrumentals of Nine Inch Nails (perhaps adding to the many comparisons Shikhee has received to Trent Reznor). From the glassy, crystalline arpeggio melodies of “When the Rains Came” to the rolling analog bass oscillations and low, breathy vocals of “Here and Now” leading into a mournful conclusion with “Precipice,” thrumming bass and hollow ambience underscoring sullen pads and pianos that fade out to a sonar like reverberation evoking cosmic expanses befitting the album’s theme.

Longtime fans will certainly be able to detect the principle ingredients of mood and finely tuned production, while perhaps lamenting the lack of the harder, more rock friendly edges that has defined Android Lust’s output up to now. Whether these elements will appear on later releases or not, Crater Vol. 1 does still present the more introspective aspects to Shikhee’s personality quite wonderfully, creating a soundtrack of electrified grit and pensive emotion that should appeal to fans of Nine Inch Nails’ Ghosts, or perhaps Celldweller’s soundtrack series, and even the more somber, experimental moments of Front 242’s P.U.L.S.E.. Crater Vol. 1 may leave some yearning for the more aggressive flavors of the past, but still shines as an example of why Android Lust is one of the music scene’s most adventurous artists. At the very least, this listener is curious what surprises the second volume will yield.
Track list:

  1. My Kingdom for a God
  2. Vereor
  3. Water Whispers
  4. I Need to Know
  5. From the Other Side
  6. First Man
  7. When the Rains Came
  8. Yaakuntik
  9. Here and Now
  10. Precipice

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