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Andrew Liles - AmbiguousAndrew Liles
Category: Ambient / Experimental
Album: Ambiguous
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: Andrew Liles’ Ambiguous could accompany a postmodern film beautifully.


Andrew Liles’ compositions are spectral, haunting, and elegantly subtle. One could assume he has made contact with spirits from another dimension, or perhaps species from alternate planets. Liles’ summer release, Ambiguous is two lengthy tracks of simplistic but chilling soundscapes that are reminiscent of In the Nursery’s softer work. The two pieces, “Slated (For Future Reference)” and “Faulty Free” are a continuous experiment with room tone and texture; it would be fitting as a film’s soundtrack as the tones could accompany a character’s actions in a film nicely. While Liles has a hefty discography, none of his work has actually supported any type of cinema and this listener is intrigued by what such a collaboration on such an event would produce.
Track list:

  1. Slated (For Future Reference)
  2. Faulty Free

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