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Anderson/Stolt - Invention of KnowledgeAnderson/Stolt
Category: Progressive Rock
Album: Invention of Knowledge
Stars: 3
Blurb: Two progressive rock heroes come together to take listeners on a sundrenched sojourn, and while it’s not as progressive as the genre would portend, it serves as an antidote to a world full of turmoil and strife.


Anytime two established musicians begin a collaborative project, there is a great deal of anticipation and expectation that the results will most likely be excellent, or at the very least interesting. With Anderon/Stolt’s Invention of Knowledge, two of progressive rock’s most celebrated names come together to embark on a sonic journey into a mystical world the likes of which audiences have come to know and love from the voice of YES. Through four compositions spanning nine tracks, Jon Anderson and Roine Stolt create a progressive rock cornucopia that demonstrates the mastery of craft they and their complement of backup musicians possess… so much so that Invention of Knowledge actually may suffer slightly from the slight ennui of familiarity.

Anderson’s voice is virtually synonymous with progressive rock, having founded and fronted YES for the most significant portion of that band’s history. His lyrics exploring various forms of spirituality and mysticism are the stuff of sundrenched dreams experienced by millions over the course of nearly five decades, delivered by way of that sweet high tenor voice that even in his 70’s shows little wear. One need only listen to his marvelous performance on Invention of Knowledge, leading an ambient charge with major-key melodies that almost serve as an antidote to the darker moods felt by many in a world full of turmoil and strife. On the other end, we have Stolt’s lush orchestrations topped off by his lofty guitar lines, exhibiting the kind of advanced yet tasteful musicianship he’s shown in The Flower Kings, Transatlantic, and Kaipa. Each composition seamlessly transitions through various tonal modes, even taking on a jazzy quality with Lalle Larsson’s beautiful piano work in the “Better by Far” section of “Everybody Heals.”

From the first shimmers of “Invention” onto the final 11-plus minutes of “Know…,” Invention of Knowledge is just the kind of warm and inviting musical exaltation that one would expect from these progressive rock heroes, and herein lies the album’s downsides. Quite simply, it’s nothing we’ve not heard from either Anderson or Stolt before, making Invention of Knowledge less exploratory or as progressive as the genre would portend… but perhaps it’s enough that, as stated, the album’s overarching atmosphere of positivity and enlightenment is a welcome change from the harder edged attitudes many bands and audiences would feel in their own exploration of similar themes. For those who prefer the soothing touch of a familiar hand guiding you on a pleasant sojourn, Invention of Knowledge will certainly satisfy.
Track list:

  1. Invention of Knowledge: 1. Invention
  2. Invention of Knowledge: 2. We Are Truth
  3. Invention of Knowledge: 3. Knowledge
  4. Knowing: 1. Knowing
  5. Knowing: 2. Chase and Harmony
  6. Everybody Heals: 1. Everybody Heals
  7. Everybody Heals: 2. Better by Far
  8. Everybody Heals: 3. Golden Light
  9. Know…

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