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And One - Zerstörer EPAnd One
Category: Synthpop
Album: Zerstörer EP
Stars: 3.5
Blurb: Darkly seductive with hints of cynicism, And One is still a force to be reckoned with in the world of synthpop today.


The face of honest-to-goodness retro synthpop resurfaces with German synthpop gurus And One. The teaser EP Zerstörer preludes the Tanzomat album with an elegance that personifies the band’s classic yet always innovative style. The title track finds a home on the EP with a melee of odds and ends, including two additional new tracks and a handful of live performances thrown in for good measure. Similar in content to the 2009 release Bodypop 1 1/2, this assemblage of music elevates the straightforward single/EP format to a more cultivated level of entertainment.

Steve Naghavi, Chris Ruiz, and Gio van Oli have a musical finesse that remains instantly recognizable. The combination of echoing beats, insistent synthesized riffs, and throaty vocals provide the cement to the music on Zerstörer, and every track (as always) is as warmly inviting as a recurring fond memory. There are no surprises on this EP, and none should have really been expected. And One faithfully delivers exactly what we have become accustomed to through the band’s music. Their consistency and sustainability prove that theirs is a formula that works to this day. The eight track EP begins and ends with the title-track – first introduced as a single and secondly as the revamped Peine I.S.T. die Ansage edit. The latter takes the original to hollowed levels of pseudo-danceability. Downplay of the overall pitch on this track is countered by a playful electronic backbeat that somehow takes away from the simplicity and raw edginess of the original. “Sex Drive” conveys nicely the dark lyrical humor that And One is well renowned for. Naghavi’s voice is what breathes air into this song, allowing it to take flight through a brilliantly repeated verse-and-chorus delivery. The combination of his melodic voice grounding the track and the oddly up-tempo synthesized drive that backs it make an instant favorite on the EP. “No Song for You” is an uneventful and drawn out trek of a song, highlighting well the moroseness that the band is able to muster up with such songs and nothing more. The mid-section lineup of three live songs allows us a window into the world of an And One concert, and as always, the presentation is slick and evidently well appreciated by the fans. On a final note, the oddly resurfaced 2006 hit “Military Fashion Show” presents itself as a bit of a question mark on this EP. While it’s always nice to hear the classics, it might have better suited this brand new release to include something a little more current.

All in all, Zerstörer delivers what fans of the band have come to expect of them, unfaltering as always. With three new songs and a plethora of entertaining filler, And One expertly tease with this prerelease. Never straying from the career path that they have forged, it’s always comforting to hear And One remain as steady as ever.
Track list:

  1. Zerstörer
  2. Sex Drive
  3. No Song for You
  4. Mirror In Your Heart (Live 2010)
  5. The Secret (Live 2010)
  6. Military Fashion Show (Live 2010)
  7. Military Fashion Show (Original Version)
  8. Zerstörer (Peine I.S.T. die Ansage 2011 Mix)

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